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SPN 10x16

Some pretty pics and a thinky thought or two.....

Not one of my favourite eps this season but there were some things that I really, really loved so am going to focus on the good stuff.

Loved all the different emotions we got from Sam. Nice to see something other than worried concern.

From pissed at Dean. And he doesn't bother to hide it either, which made me smile. So much this season, I feel Sam is being very hesitant in front of Dean to show how he's really feeling as if he's afraid of setting his brother off and getting ranted at again. But I think he's finally had enough of Dean's 'nothing can save me so don't bother trying' attitude and is going to do whatever he can and not give a damn if Dean likes it or not.

.... to determined. I loved that Sam was so sure that Isabella's journal contained clues to defeating her that he ignored Dean's order "Sam. Burn it." He saved Dean by being his glorious stubborn, smart self and I love him for it!!!!


Also, I've seen lots of comments about how Sam shouldn't have been able to read the journal as it was written in Italian. I don't buy this. We know Sam learnt Spanish at college and that he's a whiz at Latin so my head-canon is that he has an interest in, if not love of, languages.

There's this line from 7x03 The Girl Next Door where young!Sam is researching kitsunes that backs up my theory.

Yes, Dean, I realize killing 'em's important. Maybe if Uncle Bobby sent a book in English.


.... to outright smiling and joking and looking so damn gorgeous when he does it. It's been way too long since we've seen Sam look so happy, even if it is only for a few seconds.

SPN1016-02 SPN1016-03

And then Dean joins in and my Wincesty bro-lovin' heart can't take it anymore and I want to cry!


I totally think Dean came up with their FBI aliases on the spur-of-the-moment. We don't see either of them flash their badges so there's no need to have ID to match the names. And it also fits when Sam says the wrong name to Dean. I wonder if they have discussions or even the odd argument over who gets which name?


Love these 2 conversations so much. Firstly, Sam POV FTW!!!!! About bloody time!!!! And he speaks in complete sentences!!!

Sam: You know, you were in that confessional a long time... Look man I'm just saying, I'm your brother, Dean, if you ever need to talk about anything with anybody, you got someone right here next to you.

Dean: Okay.

I could listen to Sam say this over and over and never get tired of it. It's almost like he's begging Dean to talk to him, to confide in him. It hurts me so much that Dean will tell perfect strangers everything and anything and yet give Sam the cold shoulder all the time. Whether he's trying to protect Sam or just doesn't want to appear afraid and scared and perhaps a little weak (not that Sam would ever think he was weak) I don't know. I just know it pisses me off and makes me hurt so much for Sam.

But it's the 2nd one, because of the bolded lines, that nearly made my heart explode!!!!

Sam: I heard what Sister Mathias was saying about you know, hiding pain by taking on a mission, and I know that's what you're doing, that's fine I get it, I've done it before too.

Sam referring to using a mission to hide the pain is EXACTLY what he did in season 4 when Dean was in Hell and after he came back. Great reference to something in Sam's past. Thank you to the writers for remembering that similar shit happened to Sam so he knows what Dean is going through and that he can help him.

But I don't buy for one second that the Mark is a terminal diagnosis; so don't go making peace with that Idea, there has to be a way, there will be a way, and we will find it, that's what we do. So believe that.

Dean: Okay, Sammy.

Sam: You wanna try that again like you mean it.

Dean: Okay.

And then those same writers rip my heart out of my chest and tear it into itty-bitty little pieces. Oh, Sammy!!!! {{{{{{hugs}}}}}

And then this editing fail at the end caught my eye.


Even though we just saw that Sam was driving Baby, here it's very clear just by the shape of the heads that Dean is behind the wheel. Is Jensen so possessive of the Impala that he won't let Jared behind the wheel just for a simple from-behind- insert shot??? ;-)

Lastly, I had a moment of weakness and watched the preview for 1017 and WOW, if the ep is even as half as good as the preview promises then I will be very happy. Looks like we might get some really good Sam scenes, Sam and Cas, Sam killing Metatron, I hope and pray, (please, please let it be Sam blowing him away)

All screencaps by me. Who knew capping was so easy?? I didn't, other wise I would have done it sooner.
Dialogue quotes from the Supernatural Wiki
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