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Supanova squee

First, Nathan Fillion was announced and I squeeled out loud, especially as he's coming to my hometown so I don't have to fork out or airfares or hotel accommodation.

And then I get an email update and see that Dean Haglund has just been announced. Langly -- 1/3 of the Lone Gunmen from the X-Files and I squeeled even louder. XF was my first online fandom. It was the reason I forked out a hefty sum for my first internet connection (arggggg, super-slow dial-up--- how I DON'T miss you) and it's still holds a super special place in my heart. And we are getting more!!!!! So, so excited about the 6 ep revival and that both David and Gillian are on board. It would not be XF without them both.

And then I realised that with as many cons as I've been to over the last 10 years and how many of my favourites actors/idols I've had the absolute pleasure of meeting, Dean will be the first one of (what I consider to be) the main cast: Mulder, Scully, Skinner, Krycek, CSM, The Gunmen.

An added bonus is also Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, an awesome geeky science guy who actually makes science and physics not only understandable but lots of fun, the sort of guy you wish was your science teacher in high school.

And Adam Spencer a mathlete turned comedian.

Neither of these guys are your typical con guests but I'm really excited to be seeing both. And I love that we are getting such a variety of awesome people to meet and interact with at Supanova. There's always someone I'm interested in which is why I love going so much.
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