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OzComicCon Perth #1: Platinum Meet&Greet

Just a quick post.

Ben Browder is as fucking gorgeous as ever!!!! And funny and adorable and gorgeous. He's well into post production with Bad Kids Go To Hell 2 and is really hyped about how good it is. He's also working on a video game but couldn't give any details other than it should be released some time this year.

Michael Shanks is still as amazing and wonderful as the first time I met him a few years ago. And I kinda like the beard, like a lot!!!!! Asked him about doing SPN and he said he originally read for Crowley but was called back for the role of Rob in 99 Problems. Said he enjoyed doing the show but was a little disappointed it was such a minor role.

Billy Boyd was very sweet and adorable who seemed to be enjoying his first trip to Perth. Told him some local tourist spots to check out. He wanted to know the best local surfing beaches.

Other guests (that I didn't get a chance to talk to 'cause I was pretty focussed on Ben and Michael) included Billie Piper, Robert Englund, Kevin Sorbo, Dominic Keating.

It was a really relaxed gathering with guests mingling with small groups of fans for a really decent amount of time and very, very low profile security (even for Billie).

And it was wonderful to meet Laura vinegar_dog and her pal Angie, awesome Scapers. We chatted for a long time after the guests had left and I can't wait to hang out with you gals over the weekend.

Tomorrow is going to be full on with lots of panels, photos and autos.
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