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OzComicCon Perth #2: Saturday Panels & Photo Ops

Michael Shanks was asked about working on SPN. Like so many others, he spoke highly of Jared and Jensen and how they made the set so welcoming and comfortable to work on. He told us about the fight scene near the end of the ep (5x19: 99 Problems) where Jared was throwing him into the wall of the set and how it shook when he hit it. Jared asked if he was okay for another take and Michael puts his arm up and hand out and says in a really wounded-sounding voice "No."

Ben spoke a lot about his 2 upcoming projects, directing Bad Kids Go 2 Hell and a video game that's due for release this year.

With regards to BKG2H, Ben spoke of how great his young cast was. They actually cast 18 year old actors to play 18 year old characters. Wow, what an amazing concept!! And how working on this film has really reignited his love for the business.

And the video game sounds amazing, even for a non-gamer like me. He spoke of being in a really tight spandex suit (which of course got lots of cheers and applause from the ladies!!!) covered with heaps of reflectors to track his movements. He says the tech they were using is beyond anything he's ever seen. And all this for a project he wasn't supposed to talk about.

Still no word about when we'll get more Farscape. Ben said he only found out about Peacekeeper Wars about 3 weeks before filming started.

Saturday lunch, met up with Laura and Angie and some other friends. Then it was off to photo ops with Ben and Michael. As usual these went really quickly but both guys were so super awesome and gorgeous. Got a duo pic as well, as I don't know if they'll do another con together that I can go to.

Also did a group photo with Ben and 3 of my friends. We basically met because of our love of Farscape and so this one was pretty special, esp for Sue as it was her first time seeing Ben so of course we made sure she got to stand next to him. It turned out really well and will be a lovely memento of our friendship over the last 10 years.

Went to Billie Piper's panel afterwards and she wasn't like I'd expected. Her answers were very short, quite often just a yes or no or only a few words. And she was very giggly. Whether that's just how she is or if it was jet-lag and the kids, I don't know.

They were screening an encore of the Walking Dead season 5 finale but as I'd already seen it and I was dead on my feet after 48 hours with no sleep, I headed home.
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