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Gotta be careful what I wish for!!!!!

With at least $900 worth of photo ops planned for AHBL6 Melbourne/Sydney (and that's just Jared, Jensen and a J2 in each city) I was really hoping and needing to get a lot of shifts this month. Well my prayers were answered and how!!!!!!!

From my normal roster of 3 shifts/ 24 hours per week, I've worked 7 shifts/nearly 50 hours each week for the last fortnight and will be working just as many in this next pay fortnight. This includes 2 shifts on each Saturday last fortnight (midnight-8am & 6pm-midnight) and next week will be doing a 6pm-midnight/ 5am-11am double with only about 4 hours sleep between them. All this means lots of penalty rate (1.5x and 2x) overtime as we are supposed to have a minimum 10 hour break between shifts but I'm going to be naughty and not tell my home-store manager (the 5-11 shift) about finishing at midnight at another site.

Plus he still owes me 7 hours of unpaid work from a month ago which I really hope gets added to this week's pay. If I get paid on time for all my hours, I'll have enough to get the other 2 photo ops plus extra autos and t-shirts/merchandise.

Besides J2, there's also Mark Sheppard, Richard and Matt and Osric. I get 2 of them included in my ticket (but don't know yet which 2 Hub will choose; am hoping for Matt and Osric.) Plus as I get all my autos in my ticket too, I'll need something for the guys to sign.

As tiring as doing all these shifts are (especially the 5-11 café shifts where I'm making coffees non-stop for 3 or more hours) I hope they continue as I still have to buy my Supanova ticket to see Nathan Fillion and now SPN LA con tickets have just gone on sale but won't be getting them (Gold tix, J & J photo ops) til probably July, plus I still have more US airfares and hotels to book/pay for the November trip. Had been hoping to have all those covered by now and to be saving up spending money but J2 coming to AHBL really threw a spanner in the works and my budget. Not that I'm complaining about getting to see the boys twice more and much sooner, but it's certainly made things a little tighter re finances.
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