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SPN 10x22

This is gonna be a rambling mess because it's been 20 minutes and I'm still shaking and sobbing and all that's running through my mind right now is.....

..... 'Holy fuck and holy shit!!!!!" over and over and over.

OMG. They killed Dean. They did it and I didn't really notice this until the very end but I don't think Dean had even a second of screen time. It was all the Mark, every word, every action, every kill, from the amazing pyre- building/remembering Charlie montage, through the burning of her body. Dean's "should be you up there, not her," comment to Sam chilled me to my very bones. Dean, even at his most hurtful and angry at Sam, has never--- WOULD never wish Sam was dead.

Wondering if this line will bring out any DeanHate similar to what Sam received for what he said in Sharp Teeth and the Purge last season. Probably not. Dean seems to get away with saying hurtful things because 'Sam deserved it' and I think that will happen this time too.

Bravo Jensen bravo. You were beyond brilliant. As magnificent as Jared was tonight, and he was bloody magnificent, this ep belonged to you.

I think I just watched my equal all-time favourite episode of Supernatural. Equal because NOTHING will ever knock Mystery Spot off the top, but this one came damn, damn close. It was as near to perfection as possible, I think.

And Jensen warned us, spoiled us last weekend at Asylum14 that another character would die, a fan favourite who we all really love. And I never would have guessed in a million years who it would be. I was so worried that it would be Crowley that I actually cheered out loud when he flashed the red eyes (about damned time, Crowley!!!!) and rose to his feet and set the hex bag on fire and I even cheered when he threw Sam across the room. How fucked up am I???? Welcome back, the King Of Hell!!!!! I've missed you even more than I thought.

And then I could barely watch Cas being beaten. It was almost too brutal but I couldn't look away either, just like when Samifer was beating the crap out of Dean in Swan Song. I was almost screaming at the tv for Dean to stop, to not kill Cas like I was almost certain he was going to.

Damn it, writers. Every time I think I'm bored of Cas and his almost non-existent storyline these past few seasons, they bring back the BAMF, amazing Cas I loved from season 4,5 & 6 and I fall for him all over again.

And then there was Sam. Oh, Sammy!!!!! My heart was breaking for you throughout the whole ep. It hurt so bad to see you on the verge of giving in to Dean's demands, of giving up before bursting with pride seeing your glimmer of hope as you read what Charlie had sent you, as you realised that you could in fact save your brother and that you WOULD save him and that nothing and no-one would stop you.

Sam: "I owe him this. I owe him everything."

Other favourite scenes:

Sam/Cas/Rowena, esp Sam and Cas' synchronous 'No.'

Sam/Rowena-- Rowena reinforcing that she has as much control over Sam as Sam has over her.

Sam/Crowley -- Sam: 'Would you just die already?' LOL
Sam's look of fear at Crowley's red eyes and realising that the hex bag was useless.

Dean's stash of fake ID's. Freddie Mercury!!!!

Dean overpowering the cop whilst still handcuffed then taking down the sherrif.

Dean's entrance into the Styne mansion, gun in each hand.

Dean restrained on the table. (Our boys in cuffs will never NOT be hot.) And his escape and slaughter of the Stynes. Loved the way he killed Monroe without even breaking a sweat. And then that blank-faced walk straight towards the camera with the door kick-down transitioning into Eldon breaking into the bunker.

The ransacked bunker. I was truly terrified that it would be destroyed and that would have been a very bad, bad thing. It's another 'thing' that has become a character in it's own right and one that I've grown to love.

Really liked the Styne kid and was praying right up until the end that he would make it, escape his horrific family and upbringing but also knew he was doomed to die. Dean would have let him go but Dean was long-gone by this stage so the poor kid never stood a chance.

Dean/Cas-- The Mark showed no mercy and Cas was simply no match.

What a Hell of a ride and even though I'm simply terrified as to what's going to happen next week in the season finale, I can't wait to see it and then talk about it with Jared and Jensen at AHBL6 just 2 days later.


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