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AHBL6 quickie post

Am home after the most amazing weekend of my entire life. Still on a massive high and can't quite believe everything really happened except it did!!!!! And I have the pics to prove it.

I'll be posting all my photo ops and some panel pics over the next few days but just wanted to mention my highlights:

Meeting Jensen in RL for the first time is something that I will never forget and will treasure forever. He was so open and warm and gorgeous and gracious and a little bit humbled I think to the reaction he got from the Aussies. He spoke so much and so lovingly about Jared and why he didn't attend and says both of them want to come back next year. If that happens nothing will stop me from being there.

2 Jensen photo ops and fantastic squishy Jensen hugs in each of them.

Managed to say a few words to Jensen each time he was signing my pics. Asked him if he had fully recovered from Tough Mudder yet and he said he think's so. Said the guys want to do it again next year but in a different city.

Asked him a question in the Sydney VIP panel he shared with Mark Sheppard about Tough Mudder. He said it was his idea as a good bonding exercise for all the guys prior to them doing these past 3 cons. Then realised how tough a course it was and they needed to train for it. Which j2 teased in one if their vids.
Was Richard who did the shirts and put their names on the back which made it easy for fellow racers to recognize them and chase them, resulting in the boys doing more running than just for the course. And why the heck did Richard use white shirts.
Near the end were electrical wires. Most were dead but a few had 10,000 volts running through them and even 30,000 which zapped Osric and he went down. Jensen was next to him, turned around to help and touched a 10,000v wire.
And acting all this out as he was telling us complete with awesome sound effects.

I really, really hope the 2 VIP panels are on the dvd's which will be released in mid-June as they were so fantastic, esp to see Jensen trying Vegemite chocolate for the 1st time. For the UK people think Marmite, for others it's a black, very salty yeast extract that you spread VERY THINLY on toast or bread. Most Aussie kids grow up on the stuff but for others (like Jensen) it's a very weird food that is absolutely disgusting.

Jensen getting standing ovations at the end of his panels and filming the Sydney one. In Melbourne, everyone stood up together. In Sydney it was a slightly slower response but still amazing.

I can actually see myself in the vid, waving my hands and screaming and looking like a bloody idiot but fuck it was amazing and Jensen was filming it to show Jared so totally worth it.

I got told to "Oh, shut up!!" by Mark in his Sydney panel. It was near the beginning and he asked who had been to Melbourne the day before. A few people raised their hands as did I. However, I was the only one who screamed out "whoooo Hoooo!!!" so of course Mark heard and noticed me. So happy to have been spoken to and told off by the King of Hell.

Osric doing a backflip in Melbourne

Osric laying on Tim's lap as Tim sang a lullaby from Galavant. That was a fantastic panel match up. They were just so sweet and awesome together.

Richard and Matt's panels were brilliant. Richard told a long story about a certain "Pared Jadalecki" being able to change all the settings on your phone despite only having it for a few seconds and of sending a text to Richard's wife that made it look like Richard was texting another woman.

Sydney being the only SPN con to have the sing-along (karaoke) shut down early because we were making too much noise which was entirely Matt Cohen's fault as he kept demanding that we weren't screaming loud enough.

Being in a room full of SPNfamily with Matt, Richard, Tim and Osric singing Eye Of The Tiger and Carry On, Wayward Son. Wrapping my arm around Kim, my wonderful friend I spent Sunday with, as we swayed to the chorus. We hadn't seen each other in 5 years and don't know when we'll see each other again (living on opposite sides of such a massive country sucks!!) so wanted to make every second worth it. Have got vid. Will post it once I can retrieve it from my phone.

Getting to meet up with my Aussie LJ buddies, reggie11, kazluvsbooks, ash48, kasman, little_creek96 & missyjack aka Superwiki They were just as wonderful and friendly and amazing as I'd thought they'd be. Only regret is that we didn't spend nearly enough time together so am hoping we can all catch up again next year.

Seeing a fellow SPN fan at Sydney airport on Monday night and sharing photo ops and reliving the memories and magic of the weekend as we waited for our flights and finding out that not only do we both live in Perth but are only 1 suburb apart. Was great to meet you, Kate. Looking forward to seeing you again soon. Hopefully just after the dvd's are released next month.

Seeing so many of Jared's Always Keep Fighting shirts in both Melbourne and Sydney. Very touching and inspiring and making it seem like Jared was there with us in spirit at least.

There's probably so much more that I just can't recall right now, so I'll leave this as is.
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