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PasCon 2015 update & Supanova 2015

Just waiting for some money to clear into my bank account and I should be buying my gold ticket and photo ops for Jared, Jensen and J2 tomorrow or the weekend at the latest. Just crossing fingers and praying nothing sells out in the meantime.

Since Jared missed coming Downunder for AHBL6 last month, seeing him at the 2 US cons is even more of a priority now, so much so that I will be doing Supanova this month on a very tight budget. I can't pass up the opportunity to meet Nathan Fillion as I don't know when or if he'll do another Aussie con in the future but will have to go on a cheaper weekend pass ($55) than the specialty VIP ticket I normally get for this con. Am also going to have to choose between getting a photo with Nathan or his auto as I can't afford both (unless I win lotto or do a shit-load of overtime in the next couple of weeks). Prices are pretty damn expensive ($110 photo/ $100 auto) which is more than what I paid for Jensen at AHBL6 ($100 photo/ $90 auto). Will probably do the auto unless one of my friends wants to split the cost of a photo op.

The other auto I would like to get is Dean Haglund (Langly from the X-Files' Lone Gunmen). I'm hoping I can get into panels for Nathan, Dean and --- don't laugh!!!! --- Peter, Bobby and Cindy from the Brady Bunch. Being in my late 40's that show was a huge part of my childhood so I think it could be a lot of fun.
Tags: jared padalecki, jensen ackles, local cons: supanova perth '15, nathan fillion, spn cons: pasadena 2015
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