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7/7/7 Meme

So pleased to have been tagged by the wonderful wings128 Ze Challenge Grande is to pull seven lines from the seventh page of your WiP. I tag everyone who hasn't yet been tagged and wants to do this!!!!

Got way too many WiPs but most are only a couple of pages long. Below are snippets from the couple of longer ones.

Jensen (the narrator) is a Scout, employed by The Enclave, an exclusive & very high-class BDSM sex club to 'recruit' (or kidnap) beautiful teenage boys to be trained as sex slaves and submissives. 17 year old Jared is his latest 'assignment'.

"Why this club? Why tonight?" I ask.

"We met here a couple of weeks ago." Jared pauses. I nip at his earlobe, hard enough to hurt but not enough to mark him. It's only a warning after all. Marking is for fun and fun is for later.

"Why tonight?" I repeat.

"It's our wedding night. I married him this afternoon." He is staring at his bare ring finger. "Guess this means I'm divorced now." And then he laughs. It sounds normal enough, but it's not normal at all. It's the sound of someone on the verge of tears. Have I pushed him too far too soon?

Shit! I need a cigarette.

"C'mon, little brother, up you get." Dean had slid Sam's belt from his jeans, pushed them towards his knees then guided Sam to lean over the hood of the Impala. Sam remembers how cold the metal was against his crotch and belly. Five strokes had his ass pleasantly warm in contrast. Five more made his skin sting and tears well in his eyes where they were quickly absorbed by the thick layers of the blindfold. The next five left him feeling like his lower back, ass and thighs were all on fire.

Dean takes full advantage, bending over and placing his mouth on Sam's neck, tongue sweeping out in long licks, teeth nipping and nibbling. He sucks a hickey onto the side of Sam's throat, then laps as it, soothing and cooling the hot painful mark. He pulls back, tracing the bruise with one finger, admiring his work.

"Beautiful, so fuckin' beautiful." Dean places a matching hickey on the other side of Sam's throat, both of them right over his pulse points. "Gonna mark you all over, Sammy. Make sure you know you're mine. Make sure everyone knows."

Tags: memes, pairing: j2, pairing: sam/dean, spn fic
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