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TV meme

Snurched from frelling_tralk and looks like fun!!!!

01. Earliest show you remember getting into.
Battlestar Galactica --- the original and IMO still the best. This show began my love of all things Sci-fi. I remember seeing it and immediately falling in love with the show and Dirk Benedict (Starbuck). He was my very first TV crush/boyfriend. This was in '78/79 before VCR's so if you missed the show or a particular episode on TV, you had no way of seeing it until re-runs months, sometimes years later. I was so happy when it was released on DVD so I could discover it all over again after not having seen it for over 20 years.

02. First anime watched.

Supernatural. It was ummmmmmmmm interesting. Weird hearing Dean voiced by someone other than Jensen but loved that Jared did all the eps for Sam. Will probably be the last anime I watch.

03. A show you've been meaning to finish.

Gilmore Girls. I watched the first 5 seasons a couple of months ago but then lost interest when Jared left. Then seeing the GG reunion panel vids last week, made me really curious as to how the show ended so I'm now watching the last 2 seasons.

04. 2 shows you abandoned.

The Beauty and The Beast and Defiance. Both because I just lost interest. I would download the eps but not watch them until days or even weeks later so stopped d'loading them altogether.

05. A series you're currently watching.

Supernatural. I know we are in the dreaded hellatus but I am ALWAYS watching my Show. Currently half way thru season 9. When I hit 10x23, I'll go back to the pilot and watch all 218 episodes over again.

Other than that, I'm watching Game Of Thrones, Sense8 & Aquarius. Going to be starting on a rewatch of Dominion season 1 to refresh before season 2 airs next month.

06. A show you're sad is over.
Farscape because it was frelling awesome TV filled with awesome and amazing characters and plots and action and feelings.

Boston Legal because I miss Denny Crane and Alan Shore like crazy. Hmmmmmmmm, think it's time for a rewatch!!!

07. Favorite series finale.

Nine Feet Under. This is gonna sound really weird because the finale was the only episode I did see but I loved it and given the premise of the show (set in a funeral home) showing how each character met their end was so fitting that I can't imagine any other ending. I really must watch the show one of these days.

08. A series finale you would change.

Quantum Leap. This is an easy one. I loved the whole series and the finale but I hated that Sam just kept on leaping and never got to go home. So I would have let him go home and see Al. Sam could have decided after that to keep leaping to help people as long as he could still go home at any time.

09. Worst TV program you've ever seen.

Big Brother and a lot of other reality tv shows.

10. A show that shouldn't have been cancelled.
Farscape Although we did get the awesome Peacekeeper Wars to wrap things up, I would have loved to have seen how they handled that plot stretched over a full season rather than a 4 hour mini-series. Plus any excuse to have more Ben Browder in tight black leather!!!!

11. A show that needs to end

Dr Who. Don't kill me but since my favourite and only Dr is Ten and he's gone :-( the show has already finished for me.

12. Favorite cartoon.
The classics, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tom & Jerry, The RoadRunner

13. Favorite reboot.

Queer As Folk (US version) Not sure if this counts but it's the only remake I can think of. I did like the original UK version, but everything about the US one is so much better. More eps, hotter guys, sexier sex scenes.

14. A TV adaptation you'd like to see
Stephen King's 'A Dark Tower' One of my favourite series ever. Like GoT and Outlander, there are enough books to have 7 or 8 seasons.

15. Saddest TV moment.

Sam dying in SPN 2x21 All Hell Breaks Loose. Dean holding his brother's limp body in his arms, telling him it's going to be okay, that Dean will fix him, then Dean screaming Sam's name as the screen fades to black.

Dr Who. Ten's final words before he regenerates. "I don't want to go." I had been sobbing through out the whole episode but those 5 words had me bawling like a baby for ages afterwards. It was as if it was also David Tennant saying that he didn't want to leave the show and I didn't want him to leave so I was a complete mess.

Farscape. Talyn!John dying. I knew as soon as they introduced the 2nd Crichton, that 1 of them would die, but it hurt so much seeing it happen, esp as it was the John who finally got together with Aeryn. So I was sad for her as well.

16. Most satisfying TV moment.
Anytime I sit down to watch the Supernatural pilot, knowing of the amazing and awesome journey I've got to look forward to with my all-time favourite characters. And knowing that there is still more brand new SPN to come.

17. A character you identify with.

Sam Winchester. Always trying to do the best but making some really crappy decisions along the way. Feeling like I'll never be quite good enough to please my family no matter how hard I try.

18. A character that reminds you of your friend.

Zahn from Farscape. Like her my friend is always there when I need to talk or cry or bitch or celebrate. She always seems to know exactly what to say or do to make me feel better.

19. Favorite talk show.

Don't watch them much but if I had to choose, then Jerry Springer. That show was soooooooooo bad it was good!!!!

20. Sports or nah.

Sports definitely!!! Love my cricket in the summer and Aussie Rules football in the winter. The Olympics every 4 years (both summer and winter) are my dreams of sporting heaven. 2 whole weeks of 24 hours sports coverage.

21. A TV world you'd like to live in.

Supernatural. Simply because it has Sam Winchester in it!!!!
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