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Meme: Right now I'm.....

Created by raloria and seen everywhere:

Right Now I'm...

Feeling: cold. it's 14C and I don't like the cold. Bring back summer!!!! But at least it's not still 5C like it was when I woke up at 8.30 this morning

Wearing: black & white leggings, sneakers, long-sleeve blue top, my Sam/Dean/Cas/Bobby t-shirt I bought at AHBL con last month, my black Team Winchester hoodie

Wishing: I could afford to turn on my heater. Am freezing my butt off so I can go to SPN cons in the US in November. J2 had better appreciate the sacrifice I'm making.

Missing: New SPN. Hurry up October and season 11

Thinking: of ways to earn extra money so I can actually afford to eat when in America. I have con tickets, airfares and hotels pretty much paid for.

Wondering: what to write for the middle 3rd of my spn rarepairs fic. Have written the 1st section and plotted out the last but have no idea about the middle. I mean I know what needs to happen (it's in the prompt) just not how to write it in an exciting and interesting way. Have about 24 hours to figure it out and get it done and posted.

Raving About: can't think of anything I'm particularly excited about right now.

Ranting About: Nothing. I'm pretty chill at the moment.

Fangirling/Drooling Over: That J2+kids pic Jensen tweeted, pretty much like the rest of fandom and LJ and my Twitter timeline.

Thankful For: my gorgeous dog, Sam and his unconditional love and cuddles and tail-wagging.

Planning: to start another full SPN rewatch. Just finished Season 10 yesterday and am missing my show and the boys already.

Looking forward to: the next season of Dominion starting in July. Will have to rewatch season 1 in next few days.

Dreading: something really bad happening which forces me to cancel my Nov con adventure and miss out on meeting Jared.

Wanting: to win the lottery so I can pay off all my bills and not have to worry about living pay-to-pay and take my best friend with me to the US cons.

Hoping: All my wonderful f*listies are having a great day/week/year.
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