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Opposites meme

Inspired by the Top/Bottom meme at spn_bunker Seems a lot of folk had trouble choosing only 5 in each category so maybe narrowing it down to 1 season may help to focus the choices. My version with a twist.

Pick your FAVOURITE season.
List your 5 LEAST favourite
-- episodes
-- non-main characters

Pick your LEAST favourite season.
List your TOP 5
-- episodes.
-- non-main characters

Here's mine:
Favourite season- 4
Least fav eps
Man, this is soooo hard to choose as I love every episode in S4. Probably why it's my favourite. But here goes:

Are You There God? It's Me, Dean Winchester
Monster Movie
Chris Angel Is A Douchebag
Heaven And Hell
Family Remains

Least fav characters:
Another toughie as I don't hate or even dislike any of these characters. But I gotta choose.... so....
Chris Angel
Amelia Novak
Adam Milligan

Least favourite season - 7
Fav eps:
Hello Cruel World
The Born-Again Identity
Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie
Repo Man
Slash Fiction

Fav characters:
Elliot Ness
Marin (the girl Sam helps in Born-Again Identity)
Amy Pond (Girl Next Door)
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