vyperdd (vyperdd) wrote,

OMG!!! I love my Wincest non-con BUT........

I'm very seriously thinking about writing a scene in a current fic where Crowley protects Sam from being raped by Demon!Dean. It's been running through my mind non-stop for the last day or so and I know I cannot resist much longer.

What the Hell is wrong with me????

Crowley, a demon for God's sake AND the King of Hell no less!!!! objecting to Dean fucking Sam without Sam's consent all because he is still (in my fic's universe) addicted to human blood and wants (and perhaps even needs) Sam to love him and want him. And then I realised that even "pre trials changed" Crowley had morals and ethics unusual for a demon. Such as honouring contracts to the very letter, punishing demons for breaking Demon Deal contracts and then objecting to demons running a brothel.

But still!!! What the hell are you doing to me, muse????
Tags: kink: non-con, kink: slave!sam, pairing: dean/crowley, pairing: sam/crowley, pairing: sam/dean, pairing: sam/dean/crowley, spn fic
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