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SPN con adventure update

Made major progress with booking things for my big Con trip to the USA which is just 2 months away.

It's going to be quite the mixed adventure as I'm doing all my internal travel on Greyhound buses -- LA-Vegas (5 hours), Vegas-Denver (23 hours) and Denver-LA (19 hours) The last two legs are overnighters, thereby saving myself 2 nights accommodation. Where I'm staying is even more interesting, ranging from 6-bed dorms in hostels in LA and Denver to the 5-star Sheraton (PasCon) and Marriott (DenverCon) hotels on the con weekends. In between I'm staying for 4 nights at the 3 star El Cortez hotel & casino in Vegas that my travel agent found for me for just $67/night.

Now that travel and rooms have been taken care of, I can put all my savings towards spending money for merchandise and photo-ops at the 2 cons and general day-to-day living expenses. The budget is still going to be super tight but I know I'll have enough to have a good, fun trip.

Autos & Photos I'll be getting are:

Denver- Autos (All included with Gold ticket)
Jared, Jensen, Misha, Mark Sheppard, Gil McKinney, Tahmoh and Mark Pellegrino

Photos paid for-
Jared x2, Jensen x2, J2

Photos I'd like to get (depending on budget)
Mark P, Gil, Tahmoh.

Pascon - Autos (included with Gold ticket)
Jared, Jensen, Misha, Mark Sheppard, Osric, Kim Rhodes, Ruth, Brianna, Richard, Matt, Travis, Kathryn Newton

Extra autos-
Rob Benedict ($25)

Photos paid for-
Jared, Jensen, J2

Photos I'd like to get (depending on budget)
Kim, Richard/Matt/Rob triple
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