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A rather wonderful problem that kinda sucks right now.

Wore a pair of jeans on the weekend that I hadn't worn since May (wanting to keep them in good condition to wear at the SPN cons I'm going to in November) and was rather surprised at how baggy they now are. Seems that being on a really tight budget (buying con tickets and booking hotel rooms and saving what's left for spending money) that means I'm usually only eating one or two meals a day (but not being hungry, so I'm still eating enough) also results in unexpected weight loss.

Now normally I would be over the moon at being almost a size smaller but with my con trip in just over six weeks, I can't afford to buy new jeans right now. May have to visit my local thrift stores to see if I can get a pair or two there.

So like I said, nice problem, :-) just terrible timing. :-(
Tags: 1st world problem, big con adventure, weight loss woes
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