vyperdd (vyperdd) wrote,

The SH*T is finally starting to feel real

I have 1 shift left tonight (midnight-8am Sat) and then I'm officially on annual leave and only 4 days away from embarking on my Epic SPN Con Adventure. The last few months have whizzed by but this last week has gone so slow now that I'm getting so close to leaving.

Went on a bit of a shopping spree this morning after work and bought some snazzy new luggage.


I love the colour and the print and hopefully it will be easy to spot on the baggage carousel.

Also bought heaps of plain t-shirts as my wardrobe mainly consists of fandom shirts, most of which I'll be taking with me as well. But these will be fine worn under my other shirts as an extra layer against the cold.

And some snacks to get me through the 6 (Oz-NZ) and 14 hour (NZ-LA) flights and the 3 bus trips, one 5 hours, the other two 24 hours. Oh and the 2 3 day con weekends, of course. Will be buying fresh fruit when I get stateside.

There's still lots to do. Will be printing out all my con tickets, photo and auto ops, hotel reservations, bus tickets & schedules this weekend. Then doing a few loads of washing on Monday and packing on Tues. Hoping to sleep in Wednesday morning then take Sam for a nice long walk before packing the car with all his stuff and my luggage for the drive up to my brother's place around lunch time. He's dogsitting Sam for me, which will save me a fortune in kennel fees. He really loves him so I know my baby is going to be in good hands and spoilt rotten (hopping on the couch, sleeping in my brother's bed, getting lots of cuddles and play-time) He's also going to drive me to the airport, also saving me an expensive taxi fare.
Tags: big con adventure, spn cons: denver 2015, spn cons: pasadena 2015, travel
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