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SPN: 11x04 reaction

Have only seen it once so far but plan on watching it lots more. It's my fav of the season so far.

I think my fav scene was Sam singing!!!!! Jared really does have a beautiful voice. And Dean getting him to sing more was wonderful. Reminded me of 3x16 and them singing Bon Jovi. How happy and relaxed they both were. More bro moments like that and I'll be in heaven.

Also loved the smoothie/beer scene. These boys can 'say' so much without saying much at all.

And the BM scene with Sam in the back seat and the boys just talking and telling each other stuff was fantastic. This is what I love so much about the Show and what I want to see so much more of.

and holy f*uck. I almost screamed out loud when Matt Cohen came on screen. Was on plane then so had to put my hand over my mouth but OMG that was simply brilliant. Was completely unspoiled that he was coming back but loved his scene with Sam. And Sam's looks of major WTF???? were great too. But we still don't know who or what is sending Sam the visions. Jared said we would find out pretty quickly so I'm hoping we don't have to wait much longer.

Wonder if they would have used JDM if he'd been available so we'd have seen the John Sam remembered and grew up with. But loved seeing Matt so have no complaints there.

Bet Matt is relieved that he can now talk about it. Must have been hard keeping that secret for ages and through quite a few cons, so Bravo Matt!!!!

And thanks to the production team and Matt for NOT putting his name in the opening credits. Even though he was in the 'previously" it was a scene with the Impala so I didn't get even a hint that he would be in the ep. Well done, guys!!!

Wish Dean hadn't been so dismissive of what Sam is thinking the visions are. He seems to think it's all in Sam's head, a by-product of being infected. No wonder Sam is reluctant to tell Dean stuff if he knows he's just going to get shit for it. But glad that Sam finally told Dean about that and the praying too.

What the hell?? Giving us a much longed-for car washing scene-- thumbs up!!! Not showing Dean apparently wearing short shorts (Not really showing much of either of the boys actually) major thumbs down. But I guess we did get glimpses of Dean in a black t. But how dare you tease us so much and then not follow through. Though we did get more shirtless Sam flashbacks (even if he was being tortured at the time) so thanks :-)

Loved the scene with Piper when Dean came back and that Sam finally got some lovin' but why didn't we see Sam in the backseat with her??? Would have been funny to see Sam having to contort just to fit in there.

The 2nd half was a little Sam-lite for my tastes. I really thought we'd see Sam and Dean together for the whole ep but always love seeing Dean get beat up and all his fights with the MOTW were amazing so I guess I can't complain too much. Loved him using the windscreen wiper to get rid of the head. Oh what the hell!!! Of course I wanna complain!!! I want my Sammy damn it and lots of him.

Oh and for the star of the ep!!! Poor, poor Baby. She certainly got the crap beaten out of her. Hope both the boys are giving her lots of TLC and fixing all the bumps and dents and shot-out windows.
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