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I'm in Hollywood!!!!!!

Am settled in my hostel in Hollywood for the night so time to update!!! It's a 4 bed all-female dorm but I'm the only one in here so it's basically a private room for only $35US. Briefly spoke to another guest as she was packing her things and she gave the place a glowing review so I think I'll be happy to stay here again when I come back to LA in a couple of weeks. It's pretty clean and rather quiet considering it's right on Hollywood Blvd (where the Walk of Fame with all the stars is).

Have got a very early start tomorrow as I have to be at the Greyhound station in LA by 6.30am for my bus trip to Vegas so alarm is set for 5am. Am catching a train and bus to the station for only $1.75. Will have to see how it goes with all my luggage. If it's too much of a pain in the arse, will use shuttle bus next time. (To here from LAX it was only $16 so not too bad) But am hoping I can manage on public transport as it will save me quite a bit of money. Luckily, the train station is right across the st from the hostel and according to Google Maps, I only have a couple of 5 min walks between train and bus and then the Greyhound stn.

Had a fantastic flight from Auckland, NZ to LA overnight. There were lots of empty seats so I ended up in a row of 3 by myself so was able to lay down and stretch my legs out -- one of the few times being short has come in really handy. Managed almost 5 hours sleep on the 10 hour flight when I usually struggle to doze for more than 30 mins at a time when flying so arrived in LA feeling very refreshed.

Kudos to AirNewZealand for the wonderful and very speedy service on board. Could order free drinks and snacks thru the entertainment screen and they were delivered to my seat in less than a couple of minutes.

Plus they had season 10 of SPN so I was a very happy fangirl. Ended up watching about 5 eps.

I got through customs pretty quickly, though trying to explain to the border security dude why I was going to a tv show convention was pretty funny. He thought I was there to buy tv shows for a network, obviously had no idea what a con is. Ended up telling him it was just a smaller version of San Diego ComicCon but am still not sure he got it. Oh well, he let me in so that's all that matters.

Then bought a US sim card with unlimited data and texts (thanks for that tip, Betty. Will have no trouble d/loading my SPN eps whilst I'm here!!! Priorities, dude!!!) Then found a power outlet for my laptop (which had died on the plane and 3/4 of the way through my viewing of the latest SPN ep) and sat down to watch 11x04 in full. Loved it, it certainly lived up to all the hype J2 and fandom had for it.

Can't wait to squee about it with a thousand other fans at DenverCon in 8 days time as I'm sure it'll be the talk of the con.

Ok that's about it for now. Gonna watch 11x04 again then hit the sack. Will probably post again once I'm settled in my hotel in Vegas tomorrow.
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