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Tahmoh is so freakin' gorgeous.

Just done my Seb Roche photo op. Very quick but got a hug. Next up is Tahmoh photo and another hug!!!!

20 mins later:

Tahmoh is so gorgeous. His panel was fantastic. 1st question was a guy asking if he could propose to his girlfriend. Tahmoh got them both on stage and Tony got down on one knee and proposed. And of course she said yes. Tahmoh was so touched by it and them. He called Tony a romantic stud.

He spoke about his roles on BSG, DollHouse, working with Mark Sheppard, having to copy what Jared did for Gadreel with only 5 minutes notice, a fair bit about meditation and how it's really helped him in all aspects of his life.

Can't wait to see my photo op with him later today. If it's even half as good as my one with Gil yesterday, then I'll be a very happy lady.

Seb's panel was a mess IMO. The F word in almost every sentence. I'm not easily offended but there were kids (7yo and young teens, I think) there but I equally blame the mother/s for taking her/them in there. There are warnings both on the site when buying tickets and on the schedule about the "adult nature and content of some panels, but especially Seb's which is more X-rated than R. So there is fair warning not to take minors to it.

He answered 2 questions I think right at the end. And spoke for a few minutes about equality and inclusion for everyone, transgender, gays, the poor, etc which he was very sincere (almost serious) about and much more to my liking.

Don't think I would sit through another 1 of his panels though. But everyone else seemed to really enjoy it and his very vulgar sense of humour. Not my style at all.

My photo op with him was over super-quick but got a hug and managed to say a quick hi and nice to meet you. Will be getting all my photo ops signed by the actor in them if they are printed in time.

Not getting photos this time with Mark S, Misha or Osric as I want to get as many different cast photos as I can afford. Am getting Mark and Misha's autos as they are included with my gold ticket. Am giving Misha some gifts from a friend back home and will be giving her the autographed pic of him as I already have his signature and she is such a massive Misha/Cas fan.

Am doing same for my Misha auto next week for another friend back home who is also a huge fan of his.

Karaoke last night (fri) was fantastic. Being in the room when everyone was singing Eye Of The Tiger and then Carry On Wayward Son was rather emotional and beautiful. You could just feel the love and affection from fans to the cast but also from the cast back to the fans. It was simply amazing. Can't wait to do it again next Friday at PasCon. it's hosted by Matt, Richard & Rob and Gil and Osric were also there. My God, can Gil sing!!!!! He sang a tiny bit during his panel but to hear him belt out a full song and one of my favourites, Bohemian Rhapsody was something I won't ever forget. Got some okay video. just hope the sound is ok cause I want to listen to him again.

Think that's about all for now. Have about 30 mins before the costume contest which I want to check out, then the R2M panel which I'm looking forward to. Have autos tonight with Mark S, Misha, Seb and Tahmoh.

Also want to try to catch some of Jared's FB Q&A in about an hour. It's great being in the same timezone as Jared (well almost, he's on LA/Vancouver time which is an hour behind mountain time here in Denver, but close enough.) Tomorrow I will actually be in the same timezone, city, building, fuckin' room as J2!!!! Hope people ask reasonably intelligent questions. And of course I've been loving his little live vids he's been doing for the latest AKF shirt. Love the design and will definitely be adding a t-shirt or hoodie or both maybe to my collection.
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