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Epsiode reaction: SPN 11x08

Loved this. It was so full of fun and awesomeness and heartbreak and Sam! OMG Sam was amazing (thanks to Jared being oh so amazing as well). I think due to how Sam-centric and Sam focussed it was, this ep has knocked off 11x04Baby from being my favourite ep of S11 and it's right up there with my ALL-TIME most favourite ep ever, Mystery Spot so that should tell you just how much I loved and adored it. Like MS, it was pretty much the perfect mix of LOL humour and heartbreaking emotion and superb performances by all the cast, esp Jared and Nate (Sully). So happy to know my Show can still please me to this extent in it's 11th season. May it continue forever!!!

Things I loved (There are lots & lots!!!):

The THEN segment. OMG so many cute baby monsters and previously mythical creatures like fairies and unicorns! And the Big Teddy bear!!!

The teaser!!! Sparkle was so ummmmm sparkly!!!!

Seeing Sam waking up, all bed-heady (hey, it's a word!! Well it is now!) and gorgeous and stumbling through the bunker to the kitchen still half asleep. Love how it shows how well he knows the layout, can get from his room to the kitchen with his eyes closed.

And the shadow on the wall when Sam gets out of bed! Very creepy.

That he was still out of it enough that it took him a long time to notice all the party food.
The very ominous Jaws style music and that the camera stayed focussed on the door when Sam moved out of shot. Great way to build up the tension of someone or something stalking him.

Awesome BAMF!Sam throwing the punch. And how he doesn't let go of Sully until he begins to trust that he's real. With all the visions Sam's been having lately, it must be hard to figure out who and what is real now. Reminds me a lot of when he was hallucinating Lucifer back in season 7.

Was surprised that Sully let Dean see him so soon. Would have been amazing to see Dean have to take Sam's word that there was someone there he couldn't see, for Dean to have to support Sam purely on trust rather than evidence he could see with his own two eyes. Still loved the scene and both Sam and Dean's reactions.

"Mork from Ork..." LOL

"I'm not dumb or ass" More LOL. God, I love Sully. He's quickly become one my favourite guest characters. Would love to see him again.

"I'm gonna get my gun." and then we get Ninja!Dean. Brilliant!!!

"We help kids. We're the good guys. Sam, tell him."

"Uh, yeah, ok." Love the WTF??? look on Sam's face. Poor baby doesn't really have a clue what's going on!!

And the way Dean is looking at Sully. You can see he still wants to go get his gun. Sully is very lucky Dean wasn't packing already.

Awww, poor Sully's face when Dean says he's not a real person.

"You and me. Library. Right now." Love Dean's very Dom!voice contrasted with the rather dorky action of him tying his DeadMan's Robe. And those slippers!!! Just wow and so funny!! Yet, also damn hot!!

The way Sam leaves the room in defeat, shoulders slumped, head bowed, knowing he cannot disobey Dean's direct order. Got my Sub!Sam vibes running very hot!!!! Gee, is it getting hot in here or what???

Dean's reaction when Sully tries to follow them. What even was that noise???

"As messed up and insane as this sounds, Sully helped me." So like the Sam I love to want to return the favour. Never change, sweetie!!!

Sully almost climbing into the front seat of the Impala and Dean's WTH look in response.

"All right. What're you thinking?" When I saw the spoiler pics of the boys in sweaters, I thought straight away that it was Sam who choose them. Glad to see I was right:-)

"Bert and Ernie pretext. Awesome!" Ahhh yes, but which ones which??? I wanna say Sam is Bert, being taller and a bit more straight-laced but I dunno. Theories, ppl???

"Dude, you didn't have to come." Shouldn't love it so much when Sam calls Dean 'dude' but I do!!!

"Maybe when I was 9 years old..." Thanks for giving us an age for young!Sam. So I'm guessing Sam saw Sully after the Christmas we see in SPN Xmas (when he gave Dean the amulet when he was 8). So after May 92. I wonder if this is also the timeframe mentioned in this dialogue from the pilot:

SAM: Yeah? When I told Dad I was scared of the thing in my closet, he gave me a .45.
DEAN: Well, what was he supposed to do?
SAM: I was nine years old! He was supposed to say, don't be afraid of the dark.
DEAN: Don't be afraid of the dark? Are you kidding me? Of course you should be afraid of the dark. You know what's out there.

Now I wonder if Sully was the thing in Sam's closet. That would have been so cool!!Also would have been great to see their very first meeting.

"I was kind of a lonely kid, Dean." Aww Sammy and that right there is when my heart broke for the first time watching this ep. And it wasn't the last, either.

"What do you mean lonely? You had me!" Wow, Dean. Even as a kid he thought he was all Sam could ever want or need. Explains a lot about his obsession now of keeping Sam with him and alive at any cost.

I thought Dylan Kingwell did a great job as Young!Sam but it was always going to be near impossible to find anyone better than Colin Ford. For me, he will always be Young!Sam.

Love the theory I read on twitter that Dean didn't ask John about Sam joining them hunting but told Sam John said no as a way of keeping Sam out of hunting and thereby protecting him for just a little bit longer.

BQN 9R3 The same plate the Impala has in the 4x13 After School Special flashbacks set in 1997. Just love the continuity on this Show. Amazing attention to detail.

"So, Sparkle is a unicorn and also a man?"
"So a manicorn." Love how much joy Dean gets making up names for monsters!!

The rainbow-coloured swirls Sully makes on the boys' foreheads. So cute!

"Oh, oh yeah. That kid is gonna need all the shrinks."
"Wait a second, so his blood is glittery?"
"Even when he's dead, Sparkle can't stop shining."

Just want to roll around in all this wonderful dialogue Jenny Klein wrote.

And when the mom comes back into the room but can't see all the blood that the boys can and their reactions are just priceless. No need for them to say anything. We know what they are thinking! And the blood smeared over her face is just icing on the cake.

Love the suggestions of hot showers, deep scrubbing and purifying the boys make.

Awww, poor ducky!!! All splattered with blood!

Yes, Dean! Imaginary friends do have boyfriends and girlfriends and I love it!

Dean after the toilet flushing line getting 'bitch-faces' from both Sam and Sully for being a jerk and then being kinda sorry about it, maybe??

Love the Ever Think Game! And yay for more continuity. Sam talking about breaking his arm after thinking he could fly-- a reference to the conversation the brothers had in 9x15Thinman.

9yo Sam already thinking about running away from the hunting life, from his family, thinking he's not good enough. So sad! And with tears in his eyes like we see later with older!Sam.

"You're Sam. And Sam is awesome." It's your choice, Sam. It's your life. It's all up to you." Love how much support and positivity Sully gives Sam when he really needs it. It's probably the first time he's ever been told he has control over his life and what he does with it. Reminds me of the teacher Mr Wyatt telling Sam in a few years time that he doesn't have to follow the family business.

"I'm fine. How are you, Sam?" It's so sad how few times anyone has ever asked how Sam is doing just out of concern for him. Sully, love you so much!!!

Weems is awesome!! Though Ash still wins best mullet (Business at the front, party down the back!) And, man he can play air guitar like a champ!!! That was brilliant, even Sam and Dean were impressed!!! Though he reminded me more of Jimmy Hendrix than Eric Clapton.

Love that Sam is known by other zana as 'That Sam', though for the wrong reasons of leaving Sully the way he did and breaking his heart.

"Finally, he thinks I'm ready."

"I'm a Winchester. I hunt monsters. Why would I want anything else?"
Awwww, Sammy. Already brainwashed. Didn't take John long to indoctrinate Sam into the family business after keeping him in the dark for so long. And Sam is so quick and eager to abandon running away when Dean calls him back and tells him they need him. Another heartbreaking moment.

And another vote against John ever winning Father Of The Year. First leaving 9yo Sam by himself, then expecting him to catch a bus (also by himself) to Milwaukee. Way to go, Dad!! Not!!!

Love Sully's swag tied to a stick. Very Huck Finn and probably every boys idea of what running away might entail.

And then Sam turns against him. Calling him pretend and not real and wishing he could unmake him. So so sad!!!

The scene between Sam and Sully after Weems leaves is my favourite of the whole ep. Everything Sam talks about, being a jerk kid, his visions and how terrified he is about what it means he'll have to do and that he won't be able to do it. Brilliant, brilliant performance by Jared!!!

"Sammy, you're a hero. You saved the world." Yes!!! If only more people in the SPN universe not only realised this but also told Sam once in a while. He has done way more good than bad and he so deserves to be told this more often.

And the way the scene ended with just a touch of humour made the angst even more perfect!

"Ever think of hot-wiring a minvan??"
"Let's do it!"

Sam and Dean need to start using safe-codes in their texts to each other. Second time this season (11xo4 Baby), that Sam has been lured into a trap by a fake text from 'Dean'. Remember the awesome 'Funky Town' from Hunted???

Ouch!!! Whacked over the head by a 2x4!! Twice. That's gotta hurt!!

That Dean talks to Reece rather than trying to kill her. Would he have acted different if Reece had been killing real people rather than imaginary ones???

Sam and Sully's goodbye to each other. "You're a hero to me. One thing I've learned is that heroes aren't perfect."
"Sometimes they are scared."
Both forgiving each other!

Good on you, Sam for at least trying to talk to Dean about the cage.

Bad Dean for closing it down so quickly. "Yeah. Not gonna happen. Good talk."

Glad Sam wouldn't be silenced though.

LOL The 'there's always another way' line from which we got that awesome out-take a few weeks ago.

Really really loved that Sam challenges Dean to tell him his 'other way' and that Dean can't answer because he has no idea what to do.

What I didn't love:

Nothing! Nada! Zip!

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