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Epsiode reaction: SPN 11x09

All the love, all the feels!!!! Season 11 is so fantastic with each new ep as good as the last. Jared and Jensen are just knocking it out of the park and I'm loving the returning characters we've had so far and so looking forward to who we may still get in the 2nd half of the season. Also loving the season arc and big bad, Amara, Sam & Dean's individual plotlines and all the MOTWS. Still having hot flushes every time I watch 11x08 which is daily!!

Have no idea what 11x10 is going to involve but can't wait to find out!!! Jan 20 seems so very very far away. This midseason hellatus is going to be a long and cruel one, me thinks!!

Jared & Sam: what more can I say about brilliant Jared has been this season. He's been FUCKING brilliant!!! Am so loving how he's playing Sam and showing us everything he is going through. His hope, fear and terror about the visions, who was/is sending them and what they mean not just for Sam himself but for everybody. He truly broke my heart in this ep with how brave, strong and determined he was not to give into Lucifer. You could see on his face and especially in his eyes (how beautiful are Jared's eyes when they are starting to fill with tears. Just stunning!!!) how terrified he was just be near Lucifer and OH god, when Lucifer brought him into the cage, I just lost it!!!

This Lucifer also reminds me so much of the Hallucifer we and Sam saw in S7 that I still think Lucifer was really communicating with Sam from the cage. Sam did still have some of his Lucifer's grace and we know from Season 5 and Raphael that there is always a link between an Angel and any vessel they have occupied.

I have a really evil idea of how this could play out. As I'm unspoiled for future eps, this is purely speculation but what if Sam does say Yes to Lucifer but with the demand that he stays in control and Lucifer remains silent and hidden but giving Sam info as needed therefor Dean doesn't know that Lucifer is in Sam, sort of like a reverse of the whole Gadreel possession. Doubt that will happen but by god it would be awesome if it did.

Love, love, love Sam for saying no to Lucifer!! Go, baby!!! And his horror when Lucifer revealed that he sent the visions, not God! Lucifer played it so well. But is he telling the truth or he is just taking credit for something he didn't do (Not like God is going to show up and say Lucifer is lying) and telling Sam he did is just another way to screw with him??? After all, he didn't reveal that until he had Sam in the cage. Had he done so earlier, I think Sam would have just walked away.

Dean & Sam / Dean & Amara: Finally, Dean is actually talking to Sam about the visions, what they mean and what the brothers should do because of them. As he clearly doesn't have an alternate plan, then really the best he can do is support Sam and be there by his side, protecting him as much as he can. This reminded me so much of the Dean we saw in Swan Song, devastated about losing his brother but there with him because he knew it was the right thing to do.

Loved their conversation and especially that Sam didn't back down. He got Dean to listen to him without it becoming angry or insulting between them or one of them storming out. And Dean let Sam talk and actually listened rather than just instantly shutting him down, though he tried to at the beginning.

Loved that it was Sam telling him about Lucifer touching him, that seemed to convince Dean how "real" this was as it's certainly not a detail that Sam would ever make up nor tell Dean about unless it really happened.

Dean really doesn't have any defence against Amara and that scares the Hell out of me. Would have loved to have seen some struggle from Dean about knowing that Sam needed him and being unable to leave because of his 'bond' with Amara. But maybe her hold over him was so strong that all thoughts of Sam simply disappeared when he was with her.

Just wish he would come clean with Sam and tell him about Amara's influence. It's knowledge that Sam needs to have. He needs to know that Dean is compromised by something he has no control over. Perhaps TOGETHER they could find a way of nullifying her power, something that I'm certain will have to happen if they ever hope to defeat her. And it's not like Sam doesn't already suspect that Dean is keeping details from him, keeping SECRETS, something that NEVER turns out well for either of them.

And what happened to Amara?? Was that God smiting her or just taking her back to heaven so they could chat??? I don't even know what to think??

Lucifer: It was awesome seeing Mark P back as Lucifer. I think everyone at the recent DenverCon knew Mark was not being truthful when he denied knowing anything about coming back. Every scene-- every shot -- with him and Sam had me on the edge of my seat, squirming with both anticipation, glee and terror. And yes, more than a few slashy feelings as well. (I ship Sam/Lucifer almost as hard as I do my beloved Wincest). OMG, when Lucifer first touched Sam's face, so gentle and tender, I nearly squeeled out loud. And all the talk about top bunks and bottom bunks and sharing bunks and being roomies again!!1 Oh my, is it getting hot in here???

Didn't realise how much I had missed seeing Jared and Mark on screen together. Makes me want to go back and watch all their scenes again. So I think a season 5 & 7 rewatch is on my must-do list.

So much for Lucifer telling Sam back in 5x03 Free To Be You And Me that he would never lie to or trick him. But I guess maybe he's desperate now and really, really wants out of his Cage. And now that we know it was Lucifer pretending to be God sending the vision, I can't help but giggle at the burning bush. Nice touch, Luci!!! And what may have been the tipping point for Sam really believing that it was God.

But gosh, Lucifer was just so deliciously evil and sexy and manipulative, everything I've always loved about how Mark plays him. Hope we see lots more of him this season.

Loved the 'limbo' section of Hell, the flames and cage and whole atmosphere was way more Hellish than what we saw in Taxi Driver. All the skeletons that Sam was standing amongst. Very creepy!!!

Crowley & Rowena: Enjoying their scenes together a lot more than I did in season 10. Rowena has definitely grown on me. She's toned down a bit this year, not the really over the top almost comical character we saw in the first half of S10. I started really liking her once she began interacting with Sam and then Cas & Charlie. Am wondering if she knew the wards protecting Sam would not last or perhaps even planned them that way. Wouldn't put anything past her at this stage. Plus she really seems to have the hots for Lucifer (can't blame her though, he is one sexy son of a bitch!!)

But what was with Rowena and Crowley just leaving like that when the wards failed?? Though at least Crowley would have stuck around or even tried to stay if only to watch out for Sam and so to not have a very pissed off Dean on his ass for abandoning his brother in Hell with Lucifer!!!!! Wonder if there was a scene that was deleted explaining this.

A couple of things that I wondered about: Where's Cas and what's he doing at the moment? Was rather surprised that Misha wasn't in this ep. (Was he unavailable??) I though Cas would show up with the other Angels as either one of the group or a possible leader for them.

Also no mention of Michael??? Not even a throw-away line from Lucifer that he's missing Sam too or something to show that the writers remembered he's also in Lucifer's cage?? And of course, no word about Adam either. Am sure J2 said at a con that he would be mentioned. Maybe next ep??

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