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Meme: Random stuff

Had some time to fill so Meme time!!!!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Hopefully in a much better financial position than I am now. Would love to be able to afford to travel to any con anywhere to meet all the people I want to meet, both celebs and f*listies

Was a person the reason you last cried?
Yes. They were my roomies at DenverCon and I was sad because the con was over and we were having to say goodbye to each other knowing that we probably won't see each other again in RL. 2 live in the US, 1 in New Zealand and me in Oz and none of us rich enough to travel very often.

Were you single 6 months ago?
Yes. Have been single for about 16 years now.

Are you wearing something gray?
No-- all black, black SPN sleep pants & a black Game Of Thrones t-shirt. Suits my mood lately.

If someone were to call you right now, who would it probably be?
Store manager seeing if I can do a shift in the next day or so.

What were you doing at 3 PM?
Sleeping. I work midnight-8am so 3pm for me is the middle of my 'night'.

What was the last thing you bought for less than a dollar?
Bunch of broccoli for 99c. Both me and Sam love the stuff.

How many phone contacts do you have under the letter A?
9 which reminds I should delete those from my previous employer who I won't ever call again.

Do you speak any foreign language?
Nope but I would love to.

Was your last kiss in the last 24 hours?
No. Not even in the last month.

Who was the last person in your bed?
My boy Sam, hey he's a person to me, just four-legged and very furry.

How old will you be in 6 months?

Have you had an alcoholic beverage in the last 24 hours?
No. And it will be weeks before I can afford to buy any. Doesn't bother me though because as much as I enjoy a nice cold beer or Bundy rum & Coke, I can do without it no problem.

Are you currently in school?
No but sometimes I wish I was. Life was so much simpler as a kid and teenager in so many ways.

Name 3 yellow objects in your view:
A West Coast Eagles (my local footy team) blanket
My gold ring I bought at Disneyland back in 2008
s4 dvd boxset of Quantum Leap

Who was the last person you called?
My dad. He's just arrived back home after a 2 month UK-Australia cruise. Called to see if he needed to be picked up at the port.

Who was the last person to call you?
My dad to tell me he just arrived back home after a 2 month UK-Australia cruise and then accidently disconnecting the call.

Do you own a car newer than 2002?
No. 1998

Are you a natural blonde?
Nope, brunette but with blonde/gold highlights

Pick up the nearest book to you, turn to page 8 and type the first sentence:
Acoustics-- having to do with hearing or acoustics. Yep, it's a dictionary.

Turn on your MP3 player. What song is playing?
Winchester Bros podcast with Richard Speight Jnr

Do you believe in horoscopes?
Only if they tell me something good is going to happen:-) If not, then they are a load of crap!! :D

What day was it 2 days ago?
Wednesday 9th December

What did you do that day?
Worked from 6am-12 noon at a brand new BP service station. Was a very boring shift as it was opening day and we didn't open til 11.30am despite being ready to go at 8am. Stood around drinking coffee and sampling new pastries, pies and sausage rolls so I guess it wasn't a total loss. Free Food!!!!
Came home, surfed on LJ, FB and Twitter, watched some TV eps.
Left for work at 11.40pm

Is there something bothering you right now?
Yes and it's called my boss!!! He still hasn't paid me the leave he owes. Will be taking it to a higher level (ie his boss) on Monday.

How's your heart?
Well it's still beating and so filled with love for Jared and Sam and SPN that it might burst. Not a bad way to go though.

Do you know how to make hemp jewellery?

Would you rather read minds or see the future?
See the future. I even have a specific date in mind. Jan 20th when SPN returns from the midseason hellatus. Am dying to know what is going to happen to Sam!!!

Is your hair longer than your shoulders?
Yes. Mid back when it's wet, just below shoulders when it's dry.

Who was the last person you were in a car with?
My brother Gary. He picked me up from the airport after my Big Con Adventure 3 weeks ago. He's awesome!!!

Do you give people second chances?
I try to but some people are such a*holes at first meeting that there is no hope for them.

How are things between you and your most recent ex?
Good. We chat often on FB despite having split 15 years ago. Hope to catch up with her if I ever make to the other side of the country where she lives.

What does your name mean?
LJ- Vyper -- from the fighter planes in Battlestar Galactica, though the original spelling of "viper' was taken when I set up my very first email/net account many many moons ago.
DD for my fav actor when I first got on the net back in the 90's-- David Duchovny
RL-- according to google: Meaning of Peta: "golden eagle, or rock, stone" Origin of Peta: Native American, Blackfoot,or Greek, "golden eagle, or rock, stone" Hmmm, interesting and something I never knew.

Have you been to a wedding this year?

Are you an aunt or uncle?
Yes. Auntie to 2 nieces and 2 nephews (that I know of. My half brother is estranged and may have more than the 2 kids I do know about)

It's Saturday, 11 pm, where are you most likely to be?
Getting ready for work if I'm doing a midnight Sunday shift. Getting ready for bed if I'm not working.

Are you engaged?

Do you have a stepmom?
Yes. My mum died in 1989. My dad remarried in 1993.

Do you know anyone named Amber?
Yes. A lady at work.

How many siblings do you have?
2 brothers, 1 half-brother, 1 half-sister, 1 step-brother & 3 step-sisters

Who was the last person to leave you a comment?
On my LJ-- sailorhathor
as a reply to a comment on another LJ-- milly_gal

What do you think of that person?
I don't know sailorhathor well but she's a Sam!girl (at least I think she is based on her replies) so of course she's awesome.
Milly is simply the friendliest, most supportive person I know on LJ. She always makes me smile and feel so much better even if RL is nothing but a big steaming pile of crap.

Was today better than yesterday?
No!!! Simply cos there was no SPN today!!! A brand new SPN ep always makes everything better

Do you expect to be married in the next 2 years?
Who knows what the future holds. Would be nice to think that I'll meet that very special someone who wants to be with me but til or if that happens I'm pretty content being single.

What season is your birthday in?
December so it's Summer!!! I live in the southern hemisphere.

Have you ever been hunting?
Only in my dreams!!! Which of course always include Sam and sometimes Dean.

If you open the nearest drawer to you, what do you see?
No drawers in the lounge room but closest would be the kitchen cutlery draw, so lots of knives, forks, spoons.

Who was your kindergarten teacher?
You expect me to remember someone from over 40 years ago??? No idea!!!

Where do you go when you want to be alone?
Home. I live by myself so it's my safe haven!!

How's life on a scale of 1 - 10 with 10 being the best?
At the moment, about a 5 simply because of the huge financial stress I'm under at the moment. I admit things could be a hell of a lot worse. I still have food, shelter, a job and my boy Sam but they could also be a hell of a lot better too.

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