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From 1 Jared fan to another: Who ever you are, I love you!!!!

So, in order to try and complete my Jared Padalecki filmography, I google for torrents for a movie of his called House Of Fears. Find a site that has half a dozen or so, all multiple years old and none of them has any seeders (those who have the full movie) or leachers (those who are currently downloading the movie). Select a couple with good reviews and load them up in my torrent program, expecting that it could be days or even weeks -- or never -- before I can connect with someone who A) has it, B) is online when I am and has their torrent program running and C) doesn't delete the torrent or go offline before I can get all of it.

Only an hour later after checking my torrent program every 5 minutes or so with crossed fingers and prayers, I see it has started downloading!!!! Only 1 seeder and as it's a fairly big file at 2.3gb, it's going to take about a day to download.

But just thinking that because of Jared, I am connected to a SINGLE person on this planet of over 6 billion people. I don't know who they, where they live (somewhere in the US according to the little flag icon) or anything else about them. But, because of our shared love for Jared and his work, I love them nonetheless.

So who ever you are, where ever you are-- THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. You have made me a very happy Jared!Girl right now.

ETA: Arrrghhhhhh!!! I celebrated too soon. At 1.9% (just 45.6mb) my JP fan has deserted me in my hour of need!!! Hopefully they will be back online soon and my download can resume.
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