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I'll sleep when I'm dead....

My schedule for the next 48 hours is crazy, possibly bordering on insane.

Seeing Hugh Jackman's show Broadway to Oz tonight which finishes about 11pm. Hope to be home by midnight as I have to get up at 3.45am for a 5am shift at a new work location almost an hour south of where I live. The petrol station is on the major freeway into the city and is going to be so busy I can't even imagine. It's a roadhouse set-up with 40 fuel pumps (most servos I work at have between 10 & 12 pumps) where they are making about 150 coffees an hour. To cope, instead of 1 barista making a coffee start to finish, they have to use a production-line of 3, one taking the orders, one doing the coffee shots and the 3rd steaming and adding the milk.

Hope it's not quite that busy, though. The store has only been open a week so it may not be. Also hope I get assigned to one the cash registers taking payments as that's where I feel most comfortable and able to work fast without making mistakes.

That shift finishes at 1pm, then it's home for a few hours sleep before going to see Hugh again tomorrow night. Tickets were only $50 each so I couldn't resist going to both shows. Seats are way up the back but as it's not an overly large venue (about 14,000 capacity, I think) and with the customary big screens all stage shows & concerts seem to have now, the view should be pretty good.

Then I drive straight from the concert to a different servo to do a midnight-7am shift on Thursday morning.

Should be well and truly exhausted by the time I get home about 8am and will be heading straight to bed as I have more midnight shifts each night until next Tues.
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