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I'm an idiot and I really think my boss hates me

Why, oh why, did I agree to do a 4 hour shift at my home store today changing over promotional merchandise and signage and then drive almost an hour in afternoon peak hour traffic to do a 5pm-midnight at another store when all I want to do right now is stay at home writing my spn_j2_bigbang and watching SPN eps and con vids?????

And yes, my boss really does hate me. I was at work yesterday with 2 other CSRs when he calls from his office (at back of store) to the console area, asks both of the other CSRs if they can do the 4 hour shift today (neither can) but doesn't ask me even though he knows A) I'm available - he has the roster with him - and B) He KNOWS I need and want extra hours, esp after he cut me back to just 2 shifts (16 hours/week which isn't even enough to cover my rent, let alone all my other bills). I told the lady CSR to tell him I'd do it only after I overheard the CSRs talking about why they couldn't do it. "Oh, he needs someone tomorrow, does he?? Well I can do it." All the while quietly calling him every rude word I know. He really is an asshole.

Am so seriously thinking of contacting the Area Manager (his boss, BTW) and asking for a transfer to any other store that will give me 4 or 5 regular shifts/week. This having to rely on getting relief shifts at other stores every week is getting very stressful. Basically have to keep my mobile with me 24/7, can't arrange to go out to a movie or just coffee with friends in case a shift comes up. So I pretty much have no social life at the moment and it's really getting me down.
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