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Episode reaction: SPN 11x10

Well that was interesting. Will take a while and a rewatch or two to digest, I think.

Things I did love were all the Sam/Lucifer scenes both in the cage and their walk down memory lane. Especially loved how strong and determined Sam was in not giving in and saying Yes, even mentioning that Lucifer had almost convinced him. But he stayed strong and focussed even when Dean's life was in danger, just how I love him.

Dean recording Sam's voicemail message was full of WIN. Wonder what Sam did to get revenge. Love these little glimpses and hint of the brother banter we get occasionally. Just wish there was more of them and we got to see them happening rather than just mentioned later.

Loved seeing Colin Ford return as teen!Sam, even briefly. Thought they did all the flashback scenes really well, using previously unseen footage from previous seasons rather than trying to reshoot.

Really liked the girl angel, Ambriel. Been a long time since I've liked any new angel (going all the way back to Gabriel and Balthazar-- my last favourites). So it figures that she doesn't last. RIP, honey, you were just so cute!!

The opening teaser with Crowley in a onesie, Sam pop funko and Satan!Santa was just one long WTF???? Even after it was revealed as Rowena's dream, I was still "What The Fuck Did I Just Watch"???

Would have loved to have seen a lot more urgency and panic from Dean when he couldn't contact Sam, even more so after being told by Crowley that Sam was in Hell. He should have been kicking down doors and busting balls to get to him, not driving miles to check on Amara's state of health. In fact no-one seemed in any real rush to get Sam out. :-(

I also thought Dean being sick was Amara's way of stopping him getting to Sam and that he would have fought it with everything he had. Guess not!!

To be honest, not too happy about Cas saying yes to Lucifer. I only want Mark P or Jared to play Satan. I think Misha overplayed him at the end in the scenes with Rowena and Crowley. Jared played him with such subtlety but we still knew it wasn't Sam we were seeing. Just my opinion.

And what the hell made Cas say yes??? Thought he was much smarter than that. He must have known it ain't going to end well with Lucifer now top-side. When Amara said she had other plans for him, I didn't think it was using him as a post-it note. Guess she didn't know he would say Yes, either.

Rowena being killed was a big surprise but I wonder if it will only be temporary as Ruth is such a fan favourite.

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