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Insta-reaction: X-Files 10x01

Honestly didn't realise how much I had missed Mulder and Scully and the Show that was my obsession for over a decade and still holds a very special place in my heart.

Listening to Mulder's voice-over in that deep, almost lazy-sounding monotone that sounds nothing like Hank from Californication or Sam from Aquarius or any other character that DD's played , I had tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat. Hell, just hearing those half-dozen solitary notes of the theme got me so emotional.

Love how Mulder's home office is basically a recreation of his basement FBI office complete with IWTB poster.

Pencils in the ceiling!!!

And I winced when Mulder ripped the IWTB poster with his foot. That seemed almost blasphemous.

And Skinner!!! And the amazing chemistry and heat between him and Mulder is still there all these years later. Think I had a genuine hot flash when they got up in each others' faces and went nose-to-nose, neither of them backing down!!!

"I want to believe."

"The truth is out there."

Of course, CC HAD to get those two lines in there!!

But, Mulder questioned whether it was all a govt hoax and conspiracy back in season 6 so this all feels rather familiar and yet I'm still loving the hell out of it!!!

"Dr Scully. Your test results are back." Oh Scully!!! You lied to her!!!!

And CSM!!!! Still with the tracheotomy. Great continuity. And of course, he's still smoking!!!

Sure to have more thoughts after I do a few re-watches but I'm loving what we got so far and can't wait for the rest of the episodes. Am already wishing we were getting more than 6.
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