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She knows me so well.

Having a discussion with a friend on FB about who our dream con guest that we haven't met yet is and hers is Anthony Head (Giles in Buffy). She's been wanting to meet him for over 12 years and is sort of losing hope that she will. We live in Australia and while we now have lots of cons each year, getting big overseas stars to travel so far is still a bit difficult.

He was my number one fandom crush then, and still is, even after all these years, and even though others have wormed their way into my affections.

and then she ends with a line that makes me want to both laugh and cry:

He's for me what Jared is to you.

She couldn't have said anything more perfect to get me to completely understand how much she loves and admires Anthony.

BTW, now that I've met both Jared and Jensen, David Tennant is my #1 on my will-do-anything to meet list.
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