vyperdd (vyperdd) wrote,

Episode Reaction: SPN 11x12

Well that was enjoyable.

Always great to see Jodie Mills. Liked the way it tied back to Alex's past history and even Claire didn't annoy me too much.

So glad they are letting Sam interact with more of the cast than just Dean and Cas. He's got so much wisdom and valuable life experience to share but way too often he gets sent offscreen. Nice to see this is slowly changing. May it continue for all the remaining eps.

Fav part was my gorgeous BAMF!Sam, taking on vamps and beating the crap out of 'em. Even though he did initially get knocked down (but thankfully NOT out-- yay \o/ Sammy!!!) he kept fighting back, got the upper hand and won!! Way to go, Sam!!!

Also loved watching Sam and Dean eating dinner at Jodie's. But wow the way they were wolfing it down, you'd think they hadn't eaten in a week.

And Sam taking home leftovers!!! " Ribs!!! And two tubs of sauce cos you ain't touching mine." Love ya, Sammy!!

And I'm with Sam on rejecting the 'Elvis'. That thing looked gross but of course it's just what Dean loves to eat. Wonder why he didn't get 2? Had he already eaten his??? OR was he planning on sharing it with Sam??
Tags: bamf!sam, episode reaction: spn, some samlovin', spn 1112, spoilers, supernatural
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