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My new GG headcanon for Dean

This article was posted in VanityFair speculating about how the main characters of Gilmore Girls have spent the last 8 years.

My favourites are for Michel:
Not much has changed for Michel. He spends his days responding to negative Yelp reviews.

and Dean:
Ah, Dean Forester. Arguably, Dean has gone through the largest transformation since leaving Stars Hollow, since Padelecki has bulked up as a star of Supernatural. Sherman-Palladino will definitely have some explaining to do, but don’t worry, the answer has been in front of us the whole time. Dean Forester has secretly always been another character, Sam Winchester. Living in Stars Hollow for part of his teen years while his family followed a lead on the demon that killed his mom, he took on his brother, Dean’s, name and attempted to live a normal life. This explains his character’s sudden absences, obsession with a “girl who reads,” and that killer leather jacket. Trust me, this tracks . . . as long as you ignore the fact that he had a little sister and got married . . . Because, really, is there any other cause for someone to bulk up like that? Give me one reason. Military? Not with that hair.

Crossfit trainer? Maybe.

Hell yeah!!! Esp if he looks like this:


or this:

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