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Deadpool? Dead Pool? DeadPool?

Just got back from seeing DeadPool and OMG that was fuckin' insane and friggin awesome!!!!

Went in pretty much spoiler-free, knowing only that it was a super-hero movie. Didn't even know DP was part of the X-Men franchise, though he may been in with the Avenger, Iron Man crowd. Haven't seen any of those movies and only watch X-Men for Wolverine 'cause of my love affair with Hugh Jackman.

Loved everything about it from the opening credits to the soundtrack including some of my all-time favourites (OMG, he loves Wham! I am officially in love with this dude!!!) to all the chats to camera and the snippy comments about the X-Men franchise and Wolverine & Jackman in particular. I think the 12 bullet countdown was my favourite and loved how it was referenced in a very organic way towards the end.

Haven't laughed that much or that loudly during a movie in a very long time. And yet it was also very touching and poignant at times. Teared up a little when Ajax was telling Wade how he wasn't going to be a super-hero but a super-slave Loved how they integrated Wade's 'origin story' into the film.

Will definitely be getting this one on Blu-Ray. I bet it's gonna have some really awesome extras.
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