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#SPNFamily is so much more than a hashtag!!!! It's very real and so very amazing!!!

On Sat April 2nd I will be having dinner at Perth OzComicCon with about a dozen awesome ladies from the local SPNFamily FB group I run. Joining us will be Jim Beaver and Rachel Miner.

Yes!!!!!!!!! I am having dinner with Bobby and Meg 2.0!!!!!


My wish has come true :-) Rachel was announced today and extra dinner tickets were also released. Alas for me, I don't get paid until tomorrow and currently have less than $30 in my account and knew that there would be almost no chance of tickets still being available in 24 hours. Was chatting about Rachel's announcement on the FB group when one of the gals (K) messages me privately and offers to buy me a ticket today and I can pay her back once I get paid.

It was an amazing and so generous offer that I was in shock for a few seconds before quickly replying and thanking her from the bottom of my heart. Now these tickets aren't cheap. With the usual fees and booking charges, the cost is about $220, so it's not exactly small change K was offering to spend at very short notice.

I can't wait to meet up with her at OzCC next month and give her the most squishiest hug possible.
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