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More AKF awesomeness

Saw this on Tumblr thanks to Safa's tweet:


It’s weirdly uplifting that AKF 5 doesn’t have a campaign goal to meet. Every other campaign has absolutely hit it out of the park, and Jared has so much confidence that we can do it again. Plus, there’s just something really heartening about getting to the checkout page and seeing the words “your shirt will be printed when the campaign is successful.”

Not if. When.

Maybe you’re not doing so great right now, and maybe it’s hard to love yourself and to keep fighting- and maybe I’m reading into this too much- but getting better? Finding the light at the end of that tunnel, or the thing that’s worth fighting for, or whatever makes it that little bit easier to love yourself? This feels like Jared saying that it will happen. You will get there, and you will be okay.

It’s not an if. It’s a when.
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