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The great, the bad and the fucking gorgeous!!

Starting with the best first....

Season 12 is official. We are getting a fucking SEASON 12 of our amazing little show that could!!! I couldn't be happier at this wonderful news. Even though I was pretty certain it was going to happen, it's great to get official confirmation. I'm am in no way ready to say goodbye to the boys, to Baby, to the whole SPN 'verse.

Even better I heard it from Jared himself during his latest and oh-so adorable FB livestream.

And he looks so delighted at the news as well! This was another amazing chat with Jared that gets me all gooey inside and grinning like an idiot. Oh and when he took off his beanie and shook his hair out I think I may have died for a few seconds.

The timing couldn't have been better as I was on a midnight-8am shift at work and having the shittiest shift I can ever remember. Too many rude, arrogant, stoned customers making my life hell and to top it off, one of them got pissed when I wouldn't (couldn't) do what he wanted and he smashed his foot into the windscreen of my car (which is parked next to the night-pay window), shattering it. We've got him on camera and I'll be putting in a police report but as I don't think he can be identified (he came to the petrol station on foot, not in a car) I doubt anything will happen.

Then five minutes later while I'm still majorly pissed off and shooting steam out of my ears, I get notification that Jared is about to livestream and get this huge smile on my face. Seeing his beautiful face, hearing his hearfelt words about Show and AKF and how he thanks us really helped me get through the last 4 hours of my shift without killing someone, getting fired or both.

And I have the best brother in the world. When I rang him and explained about the windscreen and that I couldn't afford to get it replaced til late next week, meaning I wouldn't have the car til then and have to rely on public transport to get to and from work, he agreed to pay for it ($360!!!!) and I'll pay him back in instalments from my next few pays. Love you, bro!!!!
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