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J2 are simply the best!!!!!

And our boys blow me away once again. This is one of the most awesome vids they've gifted to us so far. We often hear from guest stars about how light and fun it is work on SPN and that's it all due to Jared and Jensen and the amazing set atmosphere they create but it's even more wonderful to actually see it, to witness them goofing around and so obviously enjoying themselves and the reactions of their very lucky guests.

OMG, the butt slap, the smoothing of the PadaHair (there's my dream job right there!!!) the expressions on Jensen's face which pretty much would be mine if I was there, Jared's "Don't stare!" and then background action is called and the boys compose themselves and we capture the transformation from Jared and Jensen to Sam and Dean. Truly stunning!!

I feel so honoured to be allowed to see BTS snippets like this. They don't have to let us see them but they do because they really do love us. I don't follow any other show as obsessively as SPN so I have no idea if this happens in other fandoms or is it unique to our little 11 year old show. Are we just that lucky and blessed to have J2 all to ourselves??

All the other Shaving People Punting Things vids by the wonderful SPN post production team:

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