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The Real House Husbands of Austin

I'm with ya, Jared. I'd watch the hell out of that show!!!!

vid by SPNConGirl on YouTube

Ahhhhh, the continuing adventures of Jared bashing the shit out his mic!!! And the clapping while holding the mics and Jensen puts his between his legs and Jared can't because he's doing his usual straddling his chair backwards. So adorable.

Loved the discussion about what instruments they play and the question for Jared about playing guitar and Jared basically saying that he may one day play at a con. Please, please let this come true!!!! And Jensen being so encouraging and awesome!! "He does a lot of 'noodling' and he's very good at that!" I also hope that he might even sing for us one day, even a duet with Jensen would be so amazing!!!!

And Jared's beanie is his security blanket which explains why he's pretty much never without it.

And Jensen wants to be in Game of Thrones, Jared in Star Wars.

And I absolutely love Jensen telling the story of throwing tomatoes at a guy at the Renn Faire a couple of week ago.

And Jared wants to go the 300th episode party!!!! Which mean we would have to go at least 14 seasons!!!

And Jared getting leg cramps and slowly swinging and stretching out his gorgeous long legs!!!

And talking about doing stunts and not being allowed to do stunts in case they get injured and of course the fans yell out "Master Chau!"!!!

And Jensen singing The Last Question with Rob!!!

And the lucky LQ fan with Jared just leaning against her, arm on her shoulder and running his big hand down her back as they read her t-shirt. If that was me, I'd be a puddle of goo on the stage floor in desperate need of mouth-to-mouth.
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