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Episode Reaction: SPN 11x16

Grumpy old Men Of Letters. Hell yeah, I'd watch that spin-off!!!

I loved the ep, perfect old school SPN with so much wonderful brother interaction, fighting (glad to see Sam winning for once) Dean backing out so quickly of going into the nest-- 'Not it' Sam's 'dude' then rock paper scissors (and Dean losing again!!!, then declaring they won't ever decide something using that 'stupid game again' Sore loser, Dean???) Sam holding Dean and Dean just melting into his embrace, not trying to be all macho and fighting it. Jared's ad-libbed "Don't laugh" tacked onto the line about chicken-bone dude.

Jensen's delivery of "I can't let you finish that finger painting, boy." was downright creepy. Also loved how the voices echoed inside the nest.

The highlight though, was the glorious return of Bobby and Rufus. It was if they had never left. Wonderful to see them bickering and trying to one-up each other, Rufus trying to get out of doing any work and Bobby not taking any of his shit. Bobby's love and concern for 'his boys'.

Can't wait to tell Jim how much I enjoyed his return and hopefully get to hear more about filming and being back on set.

Loved all the transitions between Sam & Dean in the present and Bobby & Rufus in the past and how so many of their actions and words mirrored and even outright copied each other. Loved the overhead POV of the research montage. The editing in this was top notch and flawless.

Cool continuity: The bottle of Johnny Walker Blue Rufus leaves in Bobby's car is the same one Jody and Sam drink in 7x12 Time After Time ( also written by Robbie). Jody wonders what the bet was. Awesome that writer Robbie Thompson tied that nice bonding moment between Jody and Sam into this script.

And I'm sure we were all picturing the recent out-takes/blooper vid during the first hospital scene with Kat's mum and all the goofing off and smoothing of the PadaHair. I know I was!!!
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