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Long shot but crossing fingers.......

So I posted a rather twisted and perverted fic last week called Good Little Girl.

I am currently writing the next part so it has now turned into a 'verse called Little Girls & Lovers and I have ideas and plans inspired by some very porny pics/gifs for lots more (at least a dozen at this stage).

Would love to have someone read over them before I post, just to catch any missing words, typos, spelling mistakes, etc. Also to give me some feedback about the current part I'm working on. It's gotten very long and is both John/Dean and John/Sam and I'm thinking about splitting it into 2 different parts and focussing on each pairing separately. I briefly mention John doing lots of different things to Dean and would really like to expand on those but fear it would make the fic way too long, esp as it's supposed to be a John/Sam fic with only brief background John/Dean. It's currently at over 4000 words with maybe another 1000-1500 left to write.

Some warnings: these are all John having lots and lots of sex with underage Dean (14/15) and Sam (11/12) and doing lots of other very twisted, perverted things to and with both boys. I can give future kinks in more detail if need be. There will be smatterings of Sam/Dean but not lots, the main focus is John's sexual obsession with his sons. And though they are well under the age of consent, they are willing and happy to please John (Sam, especially, Dean not so much mainly because of the cross-dressing and feminization John asks of him) so I see it as dub-con but not non-con. YMMV and that's ok.

So long story short, I need a beta. Any takers????

Either comment below or feel free to PM me if that would be more comfortable for you.
Tags: beta request, fic 'verse: little girls & lovers, fic: good little girl, future fics, pairing: john/dean, pairing: john/sam, pairing: sam/dean
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