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Quicky Bang!!!

Pimping this as I think it's an awesome idea.

Originally posted by beelikej at Quicky Sticky
Sometimes you're not in the mood for long foreplay, sometimes you just can't wait to get started. This is a place where we want to make the magic happen a little faster than in the big collaboration challenges, but still give artists plenty of time to create. We want a quick turn-around, but not without getting to know each other first;)

In a recent multi fandom project it became clear there are a lot of authors wishing for art to go with their stories and a lot of artists with a desire to create. Both were not sure how to approach each other. We hope to bring y'all together in this art-community.

For now we are keeping it within the Supernatural fandom, including the RPF corner:)
All ratings and pairings are welcome. (With the exception of real world children)

So, do you have a short story you want illustrated? [<5000 words] Join the Quicky Bang!

Art can be anything from a banner to a scene illustration and we welcome all media, from pencil sketches to digital designs. To avoid procrastination we have one rule: you have to set yourself a deadline no more than a month after you claimed a story or started a collaboration.
Art can then be posted to the community. We require at least a sneak peek or teaser to be visible in the post; this is an art-community after all:) Whether you link to your artpost in your own journal or directly to the author's story is up to you. We do encourage you to promote each other's work!

Eager to art? Check out submitted stories: Quicky Bang!

We also offer anonymous contact and private rooms:
FLIRT: Don't have a story, but you do have an idea for art? Leave a prompt here! (Anonymous input allowed)
CLASSIFIEDS: Looking for a fic- or artpartner to play with your favorite characters? Find each other here!

Questions, suggestions and comments are welcome:)
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