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Springfling comments are coming!!!!!!

Still slowly making my way through all the marvellous fics we were blessed with this year. However due to a crazy work schedule over the next 2 days and a local Comic Con this weekend, will have to put reading more of them on hold til next week. But I promise to get to them all eventually and leave comments.

My crazy schedule:
Thurs 4pm-12.15am Fri morning
Fri 10am-2pm
Sat 1200am-6.30am

Somehow have to squeeze in a few hours sleep between shifts. Good thing I don't have too much trouble falling asleep during the day. Will have time for a quick shower after Sat AM shift before I head to ComicCon and a marvellous weekend fangirling with my fellow fangirls and SPNFamily (and about 15,000 other geeks and nerds and cool folks)

Weekend at Oz ComicCon
Sat 8am-6pm- photos with Jim, Rachel and Joe Flanigan and their panels as well. Try to meet up with as many folks from my FB group as I can find.
Sat 6.30pm Pre-dinner drinks with the ladies from my local SPNFamily FB group I run.
Sat 8pm-10pm Dinner with Jim Beaver and Rachel Miner. We get a group photo with them as well!!!
10pm-??? post dinner drinks (most likely coffee!!) to squee and celebrate having dinner with Jim and Rachel!!!
Sun 8am-6pm More panels with Jim, Rachel and Joe, get all my photo ops signed, buy some merch (hopefully SPN funkos)

It's going to be a very exhausting but awesome weekend and I can't wait!!!!
Tags: all the feels, fandom feels, jim beaver, joe flanigan, local cons: perth ozcomiccon, perth occ16, perth spnfamily fb group, rachel miner, work
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