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The Walking Dead season 6 finale

WOW!!! Just friggin' fuckin' WOW!!!!

I literally screamed WTF and NO!!!! and OMFG!!!!! at the end!!!!

What a disturbing, tension-filled, slow build towards a truly terrifying ending!!! Blocked off at every road, given no choice but to retreat or surrender and die and the final roadbloack with all of Negan's mob just whistling. That truly chilled me to the bones, it was creepy and forboding. THAT is how you do a season finale!! The viewer becoming the POV of Negan's victim, the blood dripping down the camera lens after that first awful blow, Negan's brutal assault continuing after the screen went black and all you heard was each blow striking home and the moans and screams of Rick's group watching, helpless and terrified as one of them was murdered in a most horrific way. It was everything a truly amazing and brilliant cliffhanger should be. I will be counting down the days and hours and minutes until the season 7 premiere and if they don't pick up exactly where 6x16 paused and let us know who Negan killed then I swear to god I am going to start shooting people.

And how damn brilliant was JDM as Negan???? I knew he was gonna be awesomely evil from what JDM said at PasadenaCon last year but that still didn't prepare me for when he FINALLY appeared on screen. Just completely and utterly evil and disgusting and I don't like him at all, in fact I already hate him more than any character on any show I have ever seen but I couldn't take my eyes off him. I was transfixed by his voice and his words and when he smiled I wanted to throw up.

JDM discussing the Walking Dead & Negan at PasCon '15

Source: Kristina K on YouTube

Negan's scene in 6x16

Source: BarackOsama on YouTube

Negan kills ??????

Source: BarackOsama on YouTube

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