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Ep reaction: SPN 11x18

Well not a lot to say about this one. Any ep having the misfortune and pure bad luck to follow the last 2 amazing, brilliant and unforgettable eps was always going to struggle and this one did.... big time.

I did love seeing Mark Pellegrino again. He, along with Jared, will always be my favourite "Lucifer" so that was awesome. Hope he returns again when they finally get Lucifer out of Cas.

I smiled when I saw Rowena. She grew a lot on me during the second half of season 10 and early s11 and I was kinda bummed when she was 'killed" so I'm glad that she had the foresight to protect herself.

The heaven scenes were okay if a little drawn out. I did wonder what that first angel we saw was doing with that gadget pressed up against the doors? Was he just checking on the soul inside or extracting it? and I admit I also got just a little bit excited in thinking that maybe we were going to see Bobby again or at least find out what's happened since "Inside Man".

As usual I really liked the Sam/Dean/Crowley scenes. J2 and Mark have such great chemistry and work so well together that it's always a joy to watch them and their characters interact.

And Sam and Dean's discussion about getting Lucifer out of Cas and into a new vessel was really interesting and clearly showed their differing POV's.

Dean: After we exorcize him out of Cas and put him into a new vessel.
Sam: What? Really?
Dean: Yes. Really. We're not going to send Lucifer into battle inside Cas. What if he doesn't make it?
Sam: Dean, it's a strong vessel. It's held Cas for years and we know what he's been through. I'm guessing it can hold Lucifer.
Dean: It?
*sounds really offended* It's not an it, Sam. It's Cas.
Sam: And Cas wanted to do this.
Dean: Yeah, well there's times I wanna get slapped during sex by a girl wearing a Zorro mask but I don't make it a good idea.
**love the quick cut away to Crowley's reaction to this**
Sam: Dean, this is exactly how we screw ourselves. We make the heart choice instead of the smart choice. *god, I love the phrasing here, 'heart choice' just delicious*
Dean: Oh, okay. Thank you Dr Phil. Cas is family.
Sam: Yes and his choice deserves to be respected.
*I agree 1000% with Sam. How many times has Sam made a choice for himself only to have it ignored and over-ridden (usually by Dean) I'm clearly thinking of his non-con possession by Gadreel and Dean's starring role in that. So I love that Sam is so willing and determined to support Cas's right to decide for himself what happens to him and to choose what he does, something that Sam has so often been denied*
Dean: Even if it kills him? *and I wonder if even Dean is thinking of the Gadreel thing too, except getting an angel out rather than letting one in as he did to Sam.*

Also loved this conversation:
Sam: Listen. Um, I know I came down on the side of wanting Cas to deal with Amara, so-
Dean: Well, that's what he wanted though, right? Besides didn't we say we're gonna swear off getting in the way when one person makes a choice the other didn't agree with?
Sam: Yeah, um. Yeah, we did say that.
Dean: So.
Sam: Okay. So, that's our policy.

*So I guess this was another off-screen agreement (like the one about not looking or trying to get each other back when one of them dies) that will come back to bite them both in the ass??
Dean: Which Sounds damn good. Well, Let's go find that idiot and bring him home.

Wonder how long Dean will adhere to that when it's Sam making a choice Dean doesn't agree with? About a split-second, I reckon, given past experience.

But aside from those few highlights, there was far too little Sam and Dean and Sam in particular, even when he was on screen didn't seem to have much to do. I did love him exorcizing Crowley out of Casifer... will always love hearing Jared speak Latin but that seemed to be all he did.

I know J2 need and deserve the time off, but please when they are on screen let them be doing stuff that matters, let them still be the stars and not just as almost extras on their own show.

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