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Feel so blessed and lucky and loved right now!!!

..... and it's all thanks to the most amazing milly_gal and her simply stunning and gorgeous art work for my little fic.

Thank you so so much. Words can't really convey how much I love each and every piece.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!!!

To all my f*list, please go to her page and tell her how brilliant they and she is. Give her all the love and kudos and comments because by God she deserves to know how fantastic she and her wonderful creations are.

Originally posted by milly_gal at Quicky_Bang Art Post for Vyperdd - Secrets. NSFW.

Title: Artwork for Secrets
Author: vyperdd
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
A/N: Created for round 1 of quicky_bang (third one this weekend, lol) Thank you to big_heart_june as always for some of these naughty's! Also, to vyperdd for being so supportive! Sometimes there's silly pressure on you to continue to get it right art wise, and she just said, "go on, keep plugging away!" :D I REALLY enjoyed doing pieces for this, and trying to find just the *right* images! NSFW

Tags: all the feels, fic art, fic: secrets, milly_gal rocks my world
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