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Episode reaction: SPN 11x20

Holy moly, what an ep that turned out to be.

Wow, what an ep that was. Started out not really liking it and was actually a bit bored that so much of the focus was on Metatron and 'Chuck' and not on my boys but holy moly by the last few minutes I was sitting on the edge of my seat with tears streaming down my cheeks. Won't say it's my fav ep ever or even just this season. Would probably make my top 20, but boy from going why I am even watching this (even the snippets we were getting of Sam and Dean (Dean ironing Sam's shirt and using beer!!! WTF???) weren't all that interesting and felt like filler just to have J2 on screen) to OMG, I love it in the space of just 42 mins is kinda crazy.

Loved all the shoutouts to Eric Kripke's era (Chuck's new series Revolution not going anywhere/ the tv show only lasted 2 seasons) and yes even poor ol' Bugs still gets a bad rap.

My absolute favourite part was the amazingly well done reveal of the Samulet, that Sam did indeed take it out of the trash at the end of Dark Side Of The Moon and has been keeping it close this whole time. And while I would have preferred to see Sam giving it back to Dean rather than Dean finding it, I'm just so happy that's it back, that I don't really care too much about the details. Really hope we get a convo very soon between the boys about Sam having it.

It's also the first ep since S8's The Great Escapist where I didn't actually loathe and hate Metraton. He'll never ever be one of my fav characters but I did grow to like him a lot more.

And I love, love how they brought Rob back on to the Show. Was really worried how they would portray God in human form and had my doubts as to whether Rob could make me see and believe in another character instead of Chuck and he did. There was still so much Chuck in God that it didn't seem out of character and yet, esp when he threw Metatron through the door and got this very serious, almost menacing expression after Metatron called him a coward was truly frightening and made me really believe I was watching God who could and would destroy the world.

Other highlights:

Sam with the little girl, talking to her and reassuring her and the way she held out her arms to him when he fell to the floor just about killed me.

Dean running his hand through Sam's hair and along his thigh when Sam was dying on the floor almost killed me as well.

Dean saying over and over that he wouldn't leave his brother, won't ever leave Sam was so awesome yet heartbreaking too. Was so certain he was going to surrender to Amara right then just to save his brother.

Rob playing guitar & singing!!! OMG, that was just amazing and didn't feel out of place or character at all.

That very last scene with Sam and Dean finding Chuck and the looks on their faces and Chuck/God saying something the boys have been waiting to hear for so very, very long:

"We should probably talk."

Understatement of the century!!!!

Am really, really excited and scared for the last 3 eps. I avoid spoilers as much as I can so I have no idea what's in store but judging by how brilliant this season has been so far, I just know I'm going to love it.

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