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Episode reaction: SPN 11x21

Oh wow, that was a ripper of an ep.

The best opening teaser I've seen in a very long time, love how it picked up exactly where we left off last week.

And KEVIN FRIGGIN' SOLO!!!!!! I screamed out loud when he came on screen. Had no idea Osric was in the ep (that's why I really really love watching unspoiled, for wonderful reveals like that!!!!)

And he finally gets to heaven where he belongs!!! And, wow the expressions on the boys faces as they watched his soul rise, just beautiful!!! I think seeing that really convinced them that Chuck is God!!!

Loved Sam just babbling on and on to Chuck, so adorable, reminds me of when he first met Cas and how excited he was to meet an angel.

Oh, man, Dean's whole speech had me in tears too. What a stunning performance by Jensen!! J2 say they don't like to be scripted to cry, it either happens naturally during filming or it doesn't and this was a perfect example of that. Jensen said at a con that he was so affected when doing that scene that he asked to do his coverage first as he didn't think he could do it too many times. Wow, just wow!!

And I still like (kinda) Metatron. Being human has really had an affect on him and it's all positive. His sacrifice at the end was a fitting end for him. It doesn't make up for the crap he's done (killing Dean and closing heaven for example) but at least he can't do any more damage.

And, man, I continue to love Chuck/God and how Rob Benedict is playing him, so layered and imperfect. Willing to give up his creation because it all seems too hard and yet still willing to answer prayers and help those who still believe in him.

Am really glad Dean is being open and honest with Sam about what Amara wants. Am worried though, that Dean has already decided to "adios" if it saves Sam and the rest of the planet and going by Sam's last expression I think Sam has the same idea.

One thing really pissed me off and that was God blaming Sam for letting Lucifer out again!!! He didn't!! Cas did!!! But no, who gets blamed??? Again??? Sam. And the look on his face and him starting to try to explain just broke my heart. Real dick move there, Chuck. :-/

Even as much as I did love the ep, I still wish Sam had more of an involved role in it, esp in the scenes with Dean and Chuck. It seemed to me they were just dominated by 2 instead of being a fairly even 3-way!! Sam has so many questions he's been wanting to ask God for decades but he just wasn't given the chance as they seemed to focus on the Dean/God dead-beat Dad comparison.

And I'm really annoyed that we didn't get any conversation between the brothers about Sam having the amulet all this time. With it now hidden in Dean's pocket (because Jensen doesn't want to wear it again) I doubt we'll see it much if at all.

Have no idea what's going to happen in the last 2 eps but am so friggin' impatient to see them.

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