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Arrgh!!! The universe hates me-- well of course it IS Fri 13th!!!

No word yet on the Dianella house my friend is vacating. She and her boyfriend have secured another rental so that's good news at least. Still have fingers crossed and praying.

Took Sam to vet this morning for his heartworm injection & vaccinations. Left over $250 poorer. :-/ But it's for my baby's well being so he's worth every cent. Also found out he has infected ears (probably from all his swimming in the river which he loves so much) and has to be sedated on Monday to have them flushed out before he can start on a course of antibiotics and there goes another few hundred dollars!!!! Wish I could put it off until after the move but it's causing him discomfort and I can't bear to see him like that so it needs to be done ASAP.

I really need to win lotto. That 20K a month for 20 years would do very nicely right now!!!


Arrrggggggghhhhhh, this is pure torture!!! Every email that comes or text message, I'm wondering is this the ONE??? Have I got the duplex or not??? Was told I'd be notified by close of business today (Friday) so only have about 4 more hours of being a nervous wreck I hope.

Off to take Sam for his walkies (but no swimming alas) to try and take my mind off my house and money woes. Will take my mobile with me so I don't miss the agent's call.

Wish me luck cos I certainly need it right now!!!!
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