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I think the Universe just laughed at me!!!!!

A property on the other side of the road and only a couple houses down from mine has had a For Lease sign at the front for quite a few weeks now and the previous tenants moved out ages ago.

So on my way home from walkies with Sam, I decided to call the listed agent, not expecting it to be in my very tight budget but just curious how much it was renting for. Would really love to stay in the area (because of the closeness to the river) but never thought I would be able to afford it. It's the front house on a block with 3 dwellings, with nearly no back yard. Previous tenants had a couple of dogs but they were kept in a closed in and covered front yard, don't think they ever were allowed inside even when we had bad weather.

Anyways, the property has only just been leased in the last couple of days so it's off the list but the real kicker is that it was rented for $350/week, in my budget and what I'd be paying if I get my friend's place. So I literally had a potential rental within a minute's walk and may have gotten it had I made the call right after getting notice to vacate a week ago.

Oh well!!! That's karma, I suppose. At least it gives me hope that if I don't get friends place, I can at least keep looking around here and not be priced out (cross fingers).
Tags: money woes, moving melodramas, my furbabies, my new home, my sammy
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