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Don't know if there is anyway to embed a Tumblr post here (if there is please let me know how) so here's the link to and a cut&paste of something that I couldn't agree more on and couldn't have said better myself.



Today I got a reply to a comment saying that the author had been so discouraged by the lack of response on the last two chapters that they had decided not to finish it, but that they had changed their mind and were now thinking of finishing. Just because I took 30 seconds to comment on each chapter.

It doesn’t matter if the fic is years old

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what to say (“I loved this” is always music to an author’s ears, no matter how many times we hear it)

The author will not think you’re a creeper if you’re commenting on every single one of their fics

The author WILL cuddle your comments close to their hearts like the precious gems that they are, even if they’re only one word.

Comments and feedback matter. I’ve written in fandoms and for pairings that have very active, vocal fans who comment a lot, and I’ve written for ships that are not terribly popular and don’t get much reaction. The difference in my attitude is incredible.

Your feedback matters to authors. Click the kudos button, but please, take the time to leave a comment. Even if it’s just one word. If you like the writing and want to see more, let the author know



Please do not hesitate to give me your feedback guys! Be it positive encouragements or constructive criticism, I’m always open to everyones opinions ❣

Whilst I love getting kudos on my fics at A03, it saddens and discourages me more than a little that a few of my fics have zero comments. I'm assuming readers like my stories enough to bother leaving a kudos but I would love to get comments (even just a few words) on WHY they liked it, which parts worked and even which parts didn't, would they like to see more??

Just in case anyone would like to make my day and leave even one "I loved it".
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