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To Do List

Spoke briefly with the real estate agent for my new rental and finalised Thurs June 9th to go in and sign the lease, pay the bond and 2 weeks rent in advance and pick up the keys.

Hope to move on that Thursday then clean the current rental on the Friday. Am hoping that since there won't be another tenant moving in (the house is getting bulldozed) that it won't have to be absolutely spotless and that I'll get my bond back quickly. There's no damage, just some marks on a couple of walls that will probably be a bitch to remove.

In the meantime, I have so much to do I don't really know where to start so am hoping a list helps me organise.

-- need to get a move on with sorting and packing. This timing of this move is actually good as lot of my favourite and must-watch TV shows are going on hiatus over the next couple of weeks. Just have to stop procrastinating by reading too many fics.... but I'm finding some really good ones right now, and some amazing authors (all_the_damned_vampires on AO3/all_the_damned is my current obsession right now-- can't stop reading) so will have to use them as a reward: spend a few hours packing and I can let myself read 1 or 2 fics then back to it!!

-- organise skip bin for the junk. Will have to ring council to book one. Thankfully they provide it for free so that's one thing I don't need to pay for.

-- take boxes of unwanted clothes to the Salvos or Good Samaritans.

-- ring a few 2nd hand bookshops to see if I can sell unwanted books for cash

-- give 21 days notice via email to my current property manager

-- ring ISP and find out what needs to be done to get internet at the new place

-- ring power company to transfer account to my name

-- ring lawnmower guy to do the lawns for the bond inspection

-- find a removalist that doesn't charge too much

-- update address for my car rego and licence-- THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT AS BOTH ARE DUE IN THE NEXT FEW MONTHS

-- update address for work, banks, mobile, vet, insurance

-- update Sam's micro-chip details

-- notify friends and family either by FB or text/phone

Am sure I'm forgetting something -- just hope it's nothing important!!!
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