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Episode reaction: SPN 11x22

Bit of a downer after the last few which I really liked. I did enjoy it, I guess but there was so much that I didn't enjoy at the same time. Might find some more positives in a rewatch or two and after reading some reactions on my f*list but right now, it's pretty much a "was ok, but could have been so so much better" ep for me.

**No onscreen convo between Sam and God about Sam taking on the Mark of Cain. :-/ After getting pretty much nothing last week, we get even less than nothing this week. Read some tweets from Asylum 16 that mentioned Sam/guest characters scenes have been getting cut and wonder if this was one of them.

**Sam being around Lucifer so much and yet we see no sign of the fear and terror and distress that we saw earlier in the season in the Cage eps and the lead up to those. Really mad that Sam doesn't seem to have any reaction to him at all now. I think it's just poor writing and character follow-through. Even Jared slipping in a hand-rub or two would have shown us some hint that Sam is not ok with Lucifer (his torturer and rapist!!!) being in his home, in his bedroom!!!! FFS!!!! big, big letdown there. :-(

**I think Dean saying he lies all the time when telling Sam he's sorry was meant to be a joke but I thought it was kinda mean given how much bad crap Dean has done to Sam over the years and how rarely he apologises anyways. More poor writing. :-/

**Still having a really hard time watching Misha playing Lucifer. I know his fans think he's doing a fantastic job but I don't and never have. Hell I could barely look at him at times it was such a turn-off. And even though I'm not a fan of Cas, I did enjoy the few seconds we got with him and the angels just so I didn't have to look at the scrunch-face Misha seems to always use to say "Hey, I'm playing Lucifer right now." Am hoping that Lucifer is out of Cas for good.
It just reinforces how amazing Jared is at playing different characters without having to rely on weird, unnatural facial expressions. He's just so much more subtle about it. Seems to use more very small changes in his body, eyes and voice to switch between Sam and Lucifer or Sam and Gadreel.

Looking forward to the finale next week but not giddily excited for it like I have been in previous years. Am just hoping it's going to be better than I fear it might be and a fitting end to what has been a very good season. Don't think there is anyway it's going to top Baby, Just My Imagination, Safe House and Red Meat from being my favs but I hope it gives them a really good nudge. As usual it's going to a very, very long Hellatus and I want to end this season being really, really excited for Season 12 come October.
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